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  • Another Android Trojan…

    So Today we find that Android has a new fiend in the world. This one will record your calls and listen to your fantasy baseball talk; this should be nothing new for Android users – a Trojan that is – we have had several the past 6 months… With users travelling the back area of […]

  • The Tablet race….Android catching up?

    According to a report released by Strategy Analytics tablet sales have taken a 331% increase from the second quarter of 2010 to the second quarter of 2011, pretty good numbers! The powerhouse iPad went from a 94% to 61% in the same time-frame, Android is the next leading OS leaping from 3 to 30%.

  • Sprint Leaks Samsung and Blackberry Devices!

    WOOONELLY! Looks like the Cell Phone Gods have blessed Sprint customers! This document says it was last updated on July 22nd, so if that is true then this should give all you Sprint (and not Sprint) customers something to look forward too! It is always changing so please take this with a grain of salt but it looks to be a lot of phones! We are going to list them all out for you in a lovely bullet list…. Why? Because I want to and I like to break it all down for you!

  • ATT Promises Gingerbread Updates For All Post-Paid Customers This Year

    If you’re an At&t Android user, today is a happy day for you. They have announced that all of their postpaid Android users will get an upgrade to Gingerbread sometime this year. The Motorola Atrix 4G is first on the list, getting their update within the next few weeks. The HTC Inspire 4G will get their’s sometime next month. Read more…

  • Droid 3 Lands At Verizon: On Sale Now

    Verizon Wireless adds another handset to its’ very popular Droid line this Thursday with the official announcement of the Droid 3. The Motorola Droid 3 is available online now and in stores on July 14 for $199 with a 2-year contract or $459 with no contract. Existing Verizon customers can upgrade their phone and keep their current unlimited data plan, but new customers must choose from three tiered data plans ranging in capacity from 2 GB to 10 GB per month.

  • HTC Sales UP 88% from Last Year…

    So it seems our friends over at HTC have made quite the move of their stock. It appears that HTC has actually seen the best time yet as they report a 88% increase of sales over the last year. This really does not surprise me as they are manufacturing several Android phones, as well as Windows Phone’s for all over the world. They have officially beaten RIM and just shy of Apple in the cell phone manufacturing of the world. Coming in the 5 top makers of mobile devices.

  • What’s More Secure? iOS or Android?

    So it seems Symantec did an independent study of mobile operating systems. They attempted to measure how secure Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms are, and also determine how the mobile systems stack to today’s desktop operating systems. Symantec claims that these mobile platforms are much more secure than today’s popular desktop operating systems, though the firm does suggest that the key variable as always is the “human element”.

  • Star Legends: Verizon Exclusive MMORPG Limited Beta

    Following in the footsteps of Pocket Legends’s previous success, Spacetime Studios is preparing to release Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles as an iOS, Android, and eventually as a PC title with similar features but a different theme. A limited beta of the upcoming MMORPG from Spacetime Studios will be arriving exclusively in the Verizon V Cast Market very soon. Follow the link for more details…

  • Firefox 5 for Android arrives

    Only a few short months after Mozilla released the final build of Firefox 4 for Android, we now have Firefox 5, just added to the Android Market for the taking. Mobile web browsers can often be a little disappointing, but Mozilla is making great efforts into bringing its Firefox browser up to the desktop edition’s standards. The Android version of the app boasts an impressive feature set that sounds more reminiscent of desktop software, minus one important feature in my book.

  • Adobe updated Flex and Flash 4.5: Blackberry and iOS now supported

    On April 11th 2011, Adobe Systems Incorporated announced the release of Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 and Flex 4.5. Today Adobe has released the updates to the Flash Builder and Flex 4.5 framework including all new tooling and framework support that will enable developers to reuse most or all of their code across applications that target multiple platforms, including Web, desktop, Android, and as of today’s update BlackBerry Tablet OS and iOS.

  • Google Voice Update: improves battery life

    For those of you who have an Android device and use Google Voice, you might be happy to hear it received a small update today. This update is intended to improve battery life and keep the screens’ backlight on while playing back voicemails, which was an annoying problem before if you use a PIN, password, or pattern style lock screen.

  • GIVEAWAY! – IM+ for Android

    So with Santod doing the IM+ review we have been given access to give away 4 license for Shareservices IM+ for Android. Click to find out how to enter the contest!

  • HTC Desire Froyo Head Freeze?

    So it appears that after months of talking about bringing Gingerbread to the HTC Desire – HTC throws in the towel and says it is not possible… It appears that they can’t deliver on their promise because there is not enough memory on the device to give them “acceptable” user experience with Gingerbread (2.3) and Sense UI…

  • IM+ Pro Android Review

    There seems to be no shortage of Instant Messaging apps in the Android market these days. A simple search will come up with apps like eBuddy, Meebo, IMO, IMEasy etc. Well, IM+ is yet another instant messaging app. IM+ from Shape Services has to be the most extensive messaging app that I have had the […]

  • The Pocket PC Geeks Podcast For 06/01/11!

    The PPCGP, All the Mobile News You’ll Ever Need! Season 2, Episode 22 for 06/01/2011! See us on both ZUNE Marketplace & iTunes! Also, got  a minute? REVIEW the podcast and tell us what you think! Be sure to follow us on twitter! Host: Laos101 AKA Joshua Sherman Guests: Our Newsies! Mr. Hoodracer, and News Manager Jason Fieldz Topics: […]