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Updated: 5/27/11 by mindfrost82

All rules apply throughout the site, this includes the blog/news page (comments), wiki, as well as in the forums. All accounts are linked to each other, so if you violate a rule in a news page comment or wiki, we can issue an infraction in the forums and it can lead to a ban in the forums as well.

We want to have a more relaxed atmosphere around here and not have to be serious all the time. We don’t want to babysit everyone, but we still need rules to keep things civil.

Site Rules:
1) Adult Material
Since PPCGeeks is a family site and we allow minors to join, we cannot allow the posting of adult material (this includes, but is not limited to, porn, drugs, violence, etc). This includes images, links to sites that contain that material, etc. If you’re unsure about something, ask a staff member BEFORE you post it. If your thread is questionable, please put *NSFW* in the thread title since many users visit this site from work. This rule is enforced at the discretion of the staff. If it is something questionable, a staff member may ask you to remove it (or remove it and notify you of their actions), even if its not an obvious violation of this rule. Since you cannot put a warning on sigs or avatars, adult material will NOT be allowed in either, and may be removed by a staff member without warning. This includes anything related to nudity and drugs. No swearing in thread titles. We have a swear filter that will catch some words, but do not try to go around it in thread titles. Swearing in the posts is okay as long as they’re not directed towards someone or their work.

2) Be polite and treat fellow members with respect (Zero Tolerance Rule*)
No Flaming anyone, we are all friends. This includes starting threads about a person or an issue. If there is an issue with something, it belongs in PMs, NOT in the public forum. Do not call out people in the forums, this belongs in PMs. Do not swear/curse at other members by calling them names or directed towards their work. Racial/Sexist slurs will also not be tolerated at all. If you have an issue with someone, PM a staff member. Unless addressing a matter to a Moderator or Admin do not post a PM received from someone in the forums.

3) No illegal content (Zero Tolerance Rule*)
Posting of Illegal software (cracks, keygens, etc) is not permitted. So DON’T do it. We have a zero-tolerance for anything related to warez and ESN cloning, this includes distributing them via PMs. Do not do anything that would get PPCGeeks in trouble such as posting copyrighted material. Although we may not agree with every takedown notice we receive we have to abide by the The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998.

4) Spam (Zero Tolerance Rule*)
Do not post any spam in any of the forums. If a thread or post is labeled as spam, you will be banned from the site. Also do not advertise your business here; this is a site about sharing not about making money off the community. You are allowed to sell devices in the market place, PPCGeeks nor the staff will be held liable for any transactions.

5) Donations
Users may post a donation link in his/her signature or in a thread however donations will not be asked for upfront before the product is released, however, we know there may be special situations where this is needed, and in that case you must PM an admin and get approval before the thread is created. This site it based upon sharing once again and not about making money.

6) Respect the staff (Zero Tolerance Rule*)
Moderators have been entrusted to uphold the site rules, maintain the peace, and keep the forum organized along with other assigned duties. If a moderator corrects an action or act you have committed do not openly debate or call out that moderator on his/her actions. Send a PM to the moderator explaining the situation. If you have an issue with a moderator, PM me or another Admin and we will look into the situation. Moderators have earned their position and will be treated with respect. If you are in violation of this rule a ban can be or will be issued.

7) Stay on topic and post in the correct forums
As large as the forum is, it is very helpful to the staff and your fellow members if you post in the correct forum. As threads become off topic it makes it hard for your fellow members to find the information he/she is searching for so be respectful and keep it on topic. If the thread continues to stay off topic a moderator may choose at there discretion to close the thread without warning. All new threads that are created and posted will be moved to the appropriate section by a staff member.

8 ) Internet Vigilantism or “Baiting” will not be Tolerated to Users (Zero Tolerance Rule*)

Although we appreciate users working to commit themselves and help our site advance, this NEVER will allow any users, whether he is a first day visitor, OR a four year veteran, to take the rules into his own hands, known as “Internet Vigilantism”.

Users who tell other users to follow the rules, make demands to other users in regards to the rules, or take sides in regards to rules, whereas they are trying to assert themselves to other users (of whom they are equals to) will be reprimanded.

We maintain a team of moderators and other staff to ensure our site is clean and rules are followed, please remember this! Use the Report system, like any other user, in order to notify other users of their actions, DO NOT take it into your own hands!

In addition to the problem of Internet Vigilantism, “Baiting” will also be not permitted. “Baiting” is when you flame, or insult a user for committing a certain action, only in order to continue flaming him or begin an argument. Being an antagonist and trying to start fights with users, especially new users, won’t be tolerated here. ALL Users, whether or not VIPs, News Writers, or just members, are equals, and are to be treated as such.

These rules can change at any time, and we will do our best to notify you when they are updated.

Staff discretion may be used on an as-needed basis to address issues not covered in these rules since it is impossible to cover every possible situation.

There are thousands of people on this site and only a handful of staff members. As a user, if you find something that breaks a rule, please PM a staff member or use the reporting feature so that we can handle it. We may not catch everything right away, so we have to rely on the users at times.

Other Site Information:

PPCGeeks Wiki
We have a Wiki setup to help better organize the information you can find in our forums. The accounts are linked to your forum account and all changes to pages are tracked. If anything malicious happens in the wiki, we will know who did it and will issue a permanent ban across the entire site.

We have system limitations in place to limit signatures. All images must be uploaded and within the specified size limits. All standard forum rules apply here.

Bargain Trader
You must have 20 posts to be able to access the Bargain Trader. The system will automatically detect when you reach 20 posts and you will get access within an hour. This is to prevent spam and to protect buyers/sellers.

Also, PPCGeeks is not responsible for any transactions or issues that arise between a buyer and seller. There are rules/guidelines posted in that forum, please follow them.

Off Topic Forums

Most of the off topic forums will not add to your post count. This is to prevent people from making posts just to up their count. These forums are marked accordingly.

VIP Members
We have setup a system that recognizes our most dedicated members. To become a VIP you need 1,000 posts OR 2,000 reputation. You get reputation when someone Thanks your posts, every time you post, and other little things around the forums. The easiest way to earn rep is by making a useful post so lots of people can give you Thanks. You will be automatically promoted once you reach one of these levels. As a VIP you are still expected to uphold yourself in the same manner as a regular user. With this status comes more privileges but these privileges and status can be taken away should you do something to warrant the lost of your status/privileges. As a VIP we expect you to serve as a role model and to help and assist your fellow PPCGeeks members.

As a VIP, you get:
-Access to the VIP Lounge forum (please follow the rules/guidelines posted in that forum)
– Custom User Titles (Change it in your UserCP) (Must be appropriate for all ages since everyone can view them)
– Black usernames
– Optional glowing usernames
– Larger PM Storage (1000 messages instead of 250)
– Larger Profile Picture (400X400 instead of 100×100)
– Larger Avatar (100×100 instead of 80×80)
– Ability to upload 3 images for your signature (instead of 2)

*Zero-Tolerance Rules
These rules will result in a PM warning upon the first witness of their action, and a permanent ban WILL be issued upon the second act of it within thirty days of it first occurring. This also applies to breaking other rules on a frequent occasion within a thirty day period

Infractions are considered a warning.  Do not take these the wrong way since it is just an automated way to issue a warning without having to manually send out a PM to a user.

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