PPCGeeks Podcast

If you would like to use your own IRC client, you can connect to the irc.freenode.net:6667 server and join ##PPCGP.


If you would like to use your own Shoutcast player, the PLS file can be saved from here.

If you ever are unable to access our show, it will be re-streamed LIVE on Ustream (with a recording there of each show as backup)

What Is The PPCGP?

The PPCGP, or Pocket PC Geeks Podcast is where members of the mobile world discuss mobile news “In Review” (any major developments over the last few weeks or current). In general, we focus our content on what comes and goes on the major sites (PPCGeeks, Engadget, XDA, BGR, DSLReports, AP, etc.) and what we learn from our dedicated users. If we think a subject is fitting, it will be discussed by our regular panel and guests.

We discuss anything pertaining technology, but will focus specifically on Windows Mobile, Android, iPhone, and Palm Devices. Anything pertaining to the developers, carriers, and manufacturers of these devices is also included.

The PPCGP is Family Friendly, but still unedited and live. If the slip of the tongue occurs occasionally, we are very sorry!

Who Are The PPCGP?

The PPCGP is hosted by Laos101 and usually another staff member. Certain shows might have guests live, which could be a developer, blog writer ROM chef, or just an ordinary forum user.

When Is The PPCGP?

The PPCGP is scheduled to air every Thursday @ 8:00 PM EST.

Time Conversions
U.K., GMT: 2:00 AM
East Coast US, GMT -5: 8:00 PM
Central US, GMT -6: 7:00PM
Mountain US, GMT -7 6:00PM
Pacific Coast US, GMT -8 5:00 PM

Where Can I Listen To The PPCGP?
Right here!

Why Is There A PPCGP?

Why? Because it’s fun, and it’s great for everyone.

An audiocast means you don’t have to just read news and think to yourself. This allows us all to listen to the news, share our opinions, and get other opinions (from both the chatting members and “round table”). It is a great way to kill an hour or two, and the sections are always a blast. It’s a win-win.

Oh, and we also try to feature people you probably will never get to sit down and have a chat with, such as the many chefs and developers we have.


Can I suggest something to be discussed?

Sure! We primarily get our news off of PPCGeeks.com, so be sure to suggest a news tip there if appropriate.
We also check live chat while on the show, so you can leave your thoughts there too.

Another new thing is our “Voice mail” Feature. You see, at the end of the show, if you didn’t join us live, and have a comment, question, or praise/anger to us, feel free to send it to our NEW voice mail system. If we find it something out of the ordinary (Maybe its something we didn’t think of during the show, or perhaps something we didn’t know!) we will play it back LIVE on the next show, and give you our eternal thanks (Or anger, if it’s a nastygram 😛 )

How can you do this? Here is our Voice mail Number – 614-88-PPCGP (614-887-7247). Feel free to leave a message anytime, we enjoy user questions and comments, and as we said before, some may be used in our podcast!




You can also use the “Tip This” button in any posts you find in the forums.

How can I get on the show?

The call in feature for now will be identical to a voice mail. You call the SAME number (614-88-PPCGP) and leave your comment, but you can then leave a CALL BACK number and we will choose you out of the many other callers to join us. Remember though, no call back number = no call back! We screen you via the voice mail system first to ensure the legitimacy of your call. Please also remember to be kind, courteous, and have good service when you call!

People who frequently call-in can also be invited to join us without having to call in, and even be special guests in future shows!



Note: If you are too lazy to call in during or after the show, you can always tweet our podcast @PPCGP and tell us your thoughts in 140 characters or less of our show’s content!

How can I contribute to the show?

Contribution means a plethora of things.

If you mean by monetarily. You can donate to us here.

If not, spreading the word about the PPCGP is the greatest contribution we can ask for! Tell your friends, relatives, and even strangers about the show, and have them (including you!) tune in weekly. The more, the merrier! Spread the word to other forums and turn this podcast into one of the greatest sources of mobile technology news ever!


If you represent a business, website, or are just a person who is interested in making a sponsorship with the PPCGP (such as advertising with us in the show), then you can send a private message to me and we can discuss the details.

What are the statistics?

They are promising! Our first show collected close to 200 listeners, and our second show had 50 LIVE listeners (with 123 unique people in total, some who passed by and didn’t tune in for long). We foresee the stats climbing much higher is a short period of time!

Download wise, we have thousands of them on older shows, in a week we usually close in on about  1000, but it grows.

If you want to sponsor us, you can always PM Me on the forums or request me for an email to contact.

Legal Mumbo-Jumbo
By calling in, leaving a voice mail, or contributing to our podcast in any way such as providing a tip, you give us the right to use that tip, voice mail, or call-in for any and all future or current shows as content and accept your voice to be played live on the show. If you are selected (We will PM you!) as a guest of honor for our ship, and wish to decline, you may!