HTC Sales UP 88% from Last Year…

So it seems our friends over at HTC have made quite the move of their stock. It appears that HTC has actually seen the best time yet as they report a 88% increase of sales over the last year. This really does not surprise me as they are manufacturing several Android phones, as well as Windows Phone’s for all over the world. They have officially beaten RIM and just shy of Apple in the cell phone manufacturing of the world. Coming in the 5 top makers of mobile devices.

But not all news is good news – it appears that despite their awesome sale numbers their stock has actually dropped 19% since June 7th. The stock did however rebound slightly following news that the company’s sales for June were at a staggering 87.8% higher than the same time last year. What is even more shocking is that May’s figures were a whopping 116% higher than the same month in 2010! It seems that analysts are still skeptical about HTC and they don’t think the company is quite out of the woods yet!

What do you think is HTC out of the troubles? How is the quality of your devices? I know mine for the Arrive seem to have gotten better since the TP2 days, but it is still now what I consider “top-notch”. Tell me below Geeks and lets hope HTC is watching because it is the users that make that fantastic sales figure for them!

Source: engadget