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  • New Launch Date of HTC EVO 4g LTE and One X MIGHT be 5-23-12

    Inside Sprint Now is now reporting that it looks like the new launch date for the EVO lte and One x could be the 23rd of this month. Obviously, this is not set in stone and there are a couple of  things that could sway that date either way but it is nice to think that […]

  • Could a “Pick and Pack” policy keep you from cancelling a pre-order?

    Apparently Sprint has a “Pick and Pack” policy that is not allowing customers who pre-ordered the HTC EVO lte to cancel. This would be to avoid the product being shipped while the order is being cancelled.  It is my understanding that “Pick and Pack” means that the item has already been placed in a box […]

  • Is the HTC EVO 4g Lte being held up at Customs by Apple?

    Rumors are flying that shipments are being held up at customs due to an ITC order that was passed down before the One X was announced at Mobile World Congress by Apple. It is worded as in such a way to can hold up any HTC Android device. The patent in question is the 647 […]

  • Now the Wait Begins for all the HTC Evo 4g LTE Pre-Orders

      If you have been around the various forms you will see a frenzy forming. Rumor has been that pre-orders for the Evo Lte would be shipping out tonight at 11 pm and pre-order customers are concerned. Why? Well, because Sprint hasn’t really updated any order information for their customers. Worry is setting in that […]

  • HTC wants One to be its Nexus-like premium line

    When it comes to the One series of smartphones, HTC is hoping to follow Google’s playbook for its flagship devices. HTC wants One to be synonymous with Google’s Nexus, which represents the latest and greatest that Android has to offer. Similarly, the One is supposed to be HTC’s best combination of design, music capabilities, and […]

  • China to finally get its first WP7 Device!

      Here in the states we’ve been enjoying Windows Phone 7 for about a year and a half now.  When doing phone comparisons it is very common to refer to the “Big 3” mobile operating systems as the only ones who really matter, discounting BlackBerry OS, Symbian, and other seemingly anachronistic and obsolete systems.  The […]

  • New Phone Roundup Part 1!

    Mobile World Congress 2012 introduced a host of new phones to come out this year.  In this first phone roundup installment, check out the phones below to get a quick rundown of what you can expect to come out this year.!  Which one(s) are you getting? First we have the Nokia PureView808.  This phone packs […]

  • HTC Announces Which Phones Will Receive Ice Cream This Year!

    HTC’s main business is selling Android-based smartphones and it has quite a number of devices in stores that are currently running Android 2.3. Now it looks like HTC is getting ready to upgrade a number of those smartphones to the new Android 4.0 OS, otherwise known as Ice Cream Sandwich. In a post on HTC’s […]

  • First HTC Quad Core Device Codenamed the “Endeavor”?

    HTC may be about to make smartphone history with the world’s first quad-core handset, if the latest reports from veteran phone blog MoDaCo are to be believed. According to MoDaCo’s source, the manufacturer will soon unveil the HTC Endeavor, and it’ll be powered by a beastly quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor. Other reported specs include […]

  • Carrier IQ and others facing lawsuit, lawmakers seek FTC probe

    Earlier this week we wrote about the Carrier IQ ordeal, we should have know it was only a matter of time with all the media hype and internet buzz before this whole thing started getting out of hand. Senator Al Franken is demanding the company provide details about what data it collects and how it’s used and […]

  • Glitch in Android allows hackers to bug phone calls

    Computer scientist from North Carolina State University have discovered a weakness in smartphones running Google’s Android operating system that allows attackers to secretly record phone conversations, monitor geographic location data, and access other sensitive resources without permission. Devices sold by HTC, Samsung, Motorola, and Google contain code that exposes powerful capabilities to untrusted apps. These […]

  • HTC Announces Upgrading 8 Smartphones to Android 4.0

    HTC announced today via its Facebook Fan Page that it plans to update a number of its smartphones to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in early 2012.   “HTC knows how excited our fans are to get their hands on Google’s latest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, so we’re thrilled today to announce the […]

  • HTC Aquires Dashwire!!!

    HTC has made great strides to allow easier backup and syncing with our devices to a cloud network. The acquisition of Dashwire is a very interesting and possibly blockbuster idea for HTC!!

  • HTC OMEGA – Windows Phone 7 Love!

    Another Day – Another Leak – Another Grain of Salt… Yup, you got to love this time of year – see it is when all the rumors, leaks, and well future devices get set out in the wild for us to drool over and wish we had right now. Well today is no different. We […]

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