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  • What’s this? HTC Ruby?!

    So here at PPCGeeks we are familiar with the accidental leak of new phones. Today Pocketnow has released an article of the HTC Ruby. Now if you remember the Ruby was the name of the HTC Arrive – before it was named well the Arrive.

  • Apple Wants to Block Sale of HTC Devices!

    So today Apple files a new patent complaint with the International Trade Commission looking to block the sale of several HTC devices it claims infringe on Apple patent. Apple recently filed a similar complaint with te ITC looking to block several Samsung smartphones and tablets. Apple feels that Samsung and HTC are copying the iPhone and iPad devices. The move was the latest in an ongoing legal battle between Samsung and Apple surrounding multiple patent disputes.

  • HTC To Begin Unlocking Bootloaders In August

    As most of us already know, HTC has announced just a short time ago, that they will no longer be locking the bootloaders on their devices. Well this evening, HTC informed the world via Facebook, on what devices will be first to receive the official unlock treatment and also provided us somewhat of a timeline. […]

  • HTC Just For Women?

    Companies are always trying to come up with new marketing strategies that will bring in the big bucks. They say that the key to selling any product is all in how you market it. HTC tried a marketing strategy a while back of marketing a series of phones just to women.

  • HTC Sales UP 88% from Last Year…

    So it seems our friends over at HTC have made quite the move of their stock. It appears that HTC has actually seen the best time yet as they report a 88% increase of sales over the last year. This really does not surprise me as they are manufacturing several Android phones, as well as Windows Phone’s for all over the world. They have officially beaten RIM and just shy of Apple in the cell phone manufacturing of the world. Coming in the 5 top makers of mobile devices.

  • HTC Evo View 4G: Used To Announce 2011 BET Award Winners

    With this being the year of the Tablets, BET Awards went along with the trend. The presenters used the HTC Evo View 4G from Sprint to reveal the winners rather than the traditional envelopes of yesteryear. BET worked its way into a major social media rampage leading up to Sunday night’s BET AWARDS 2011, with plans including on-air Twitter and Facebook integration, a “social media lounge” on premises hosted by Lala and a car giveaway for fans that use a secret hashtag, #BETAwards. Another “secret” hashtag was also introduced at the top of the show.

  • Thunderbolt update coming June 30th: Gingerbread in tow

    Verizon HTC Thunderbolt owners have been frustrated about random reboots, battery life, and GPS lock times, along with other issues, since release. The first update cured some of these issues, but some still remain. Well there are now some new signs pointing to an update for June 30th and with Gingerbread in tow. At least that’s what these new leaked images show us.

  • T-Mobile HTC Sensation 4G $50 off for New Customers

    Well, it appears that T-Mobile is making a nice attempt at welcoming new customers this Father’s Day week. Many of you already know that the HTC Sensation 4G has arrived at T-Mobile. Well it appears they wanna give it to you for $50 less for signing on with a new contract. On top of this, they are having a Father’s Day giveaway, where they announced on Facebook and Twitter that they would giveaway 10 of the HTC Sensation 4G handsets.

  • HTC requests parts from chassis manufacturer “Chenming”

    According to sources from component manufacturers, the Taiwanese manufacturer of chassis for mobile handsets, “Chenming Mold Industrial” especially recognized for its latest chassis technology by combining metal and plastic, has received orders from HTC for their new lineup of handsets. Chenming points out that most manufacturing of metal frames that is done by CNC lathe […]

  • HTC Desire Froyo Head Freeze?

    So it appears that after months of talking about bringing Gingerbread to the HTC Desire – HTC throws in the towel and says it is not possible… It appears that they can’t deliver on their promise because there is not enough memory on the device to give them “acceptable” user experience with Gingerbread (2.3) and Sense UI…

  • T-Mobile HTC HD7 Free, with 2 Yr. Contract

    HTC HD7 WP7

    Beginning today, T-Mobile has announced that they will be making the HD7 available for free with a two-year contract.This is a Web-only offer — now thru Thurs, 6/9/2011 The HTC HD7 is a Windows Phone 7 handset designed to bring what you care about, to one central place. The most noticeable feature about this device […]

  • HTC Sensation 4G FCC Filing, headed to ATT?

    Looks like an AT&T variant of the HTC Sensation 4G, recently known to be headed to T-Mobile on June 15th, was spotted making a visit to the FCC. This new model of the phone showed up in Washington DC with AT&T’s 850 and 1900MHz bands and also shown to have WCDMA bands II and V.

  • HTC Docking Station Has Arrived…Sort of

    Anyone tired of waiting for the HTC Multimedia docking station for their Thunderbolt? Well if you are tired of the wait and are willing to use a third party docking station, relief is on its way!

  • Possible first look at Google’s Nexus 3

    You could take away buttons and add more screen real estate, which to some people, wouldn’t make sense because a larger screen is much more expensive than putting in a few buttons. Therefore, from a manufacturing standpoint, it’s either take away the buttons and just have a smaller device, or keep the buttons and have a slightly larger device. We’ll see what they choose, but the leaked photo seems to have me believing that Ice Cream will be bringing devices with full frontal displays. With tablets beginning to flood the market, larger screens seem to be the way things are headed. What are your thoughts on this approach? Do you think this is the long awaited, rumored Nexus 3?

  • HTC Official Announcement – No More Locked Bootloaders

    As they say, straight from the horse’s mouth, Peter Chou, CEO of HTC has made an official statement that they will no longer be locking bootloaders on their phones. This announcement came on their Facebook page. There’s no word if this will effect the upcoming Evo 3D, or just for their future phones. We’re hoping they’ll unlock the Evo 3D’s bootloader though, even if its after launch. Do you think Motorola will follow suit?