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What’s this? HTC Ruby?!

So here at PPCGeeks we are familiar with the accidental leak of new phones. Today Pocketnow has released an article of the HTC Ruby. Now

July 39, 2011 Devices, Featured

Apple Wants to Block Sale of HTC Devices!

So today Apple files a new patent complaint with the International Trade Commission looking to block the sale of several HTC devices it claims infringe

July 20, 2011 Devices

HTC To Begin Unlocking Bootloaders In August

As most of us already know, HTC has announced just a short time ago, that they will no longer be locking the bootloaders on their

July 53, 2011 Devices, Featured, General

HTC Just For Women?

Companies are always trying to come up with new marketing strategies that will bring in the big bucks. They say that the key to selling

July 12, 2011 Devices

HTC Sales UP 88% from Last Year…

So it seems our friends over at HTC have made quite the move of their stock. It appears that HTC has actually seen the best

July 18, 2011 Devices

HTC Evo View 4G: Used To Announce 2011 BET Award Winners

With this being the year of the Tablets, BET Awards went along with the trend. The presenters used the HTC Evo View 4G from

June 45, 2011 Carriers, Devices, General

Thunderbolt update coming June 30th: Gingerbread in tow

Verizon HTC Thunderbolt owners have been frustrated about random reboots, battery life, and GPS lock times, along with other issues, since release. The first update

June 05, 2011 Carriers, Devices, General
Comments Off on T-Mobile HTC Sensation 4G $50 off for New Customers

T-Mobile HTC Sensation 4G $50 off for New Customers

Well, it appears that T-Mobile is making a nice attempt at welcoming new customers this Father's Day week. Many of you already know that the

June 19, 2011 Carriers, Devices, General

HTC requests parts from chassis manufacturer “Chenming”

According to sources from component manufacturers, the Taiwanese manufacturer of chassis for mobile handsets, “Chenming Mold Industrial” especially recognized for its latest chassis technology by

June 06, 2011 Devices, General

HTC Desire Froyo Head Freeze?

So it appears that after months of talking about bringing Gingerbread to the HTC Desire - HTC throws in the towel and says it is

June 13, 2011 Devices

T-Mobile HTC HD7 Free, with 2 Yr. Contract

Beginning today, T-Mobile has announced that they will be making the HD7 available for free with a two-year contract.This is a Web-only offer — now

June 36, 2011 Carriers, Devices, General
Comments Off on HTC Sensation 4G FCC Filing, headed to ATT?

HTC Sensation 4G FCC Filing, headed to ATT?

Looks like an AT&T variant of the HTC Sensation 4G, recently known to be headed to T-Mobile on June 15th, was spotted making a visit

June 36, 2011 Carriers, Devices

HTC Docking Station Has Arrived…Sort of

Anyone tired of waiting for the HTC Multimedia docking station for their Thunderbolt? Well if you are tired of the wait and are willing

June 11, 2011 Accessories, Devices

Possible first look at Google’s Nexus 3

You could take away buttons and add more screen real estate, which to some people, wouldn't make sense because a larger screen is much more

May 19, 2011 Devices, General

HTC Official Announcement – No More Locked Bootloaders

As they say, straight from the horse's mouth, Peter Chou, CEO of HTC has made an official statement that they will no longer be locking

May 52, 2011 Devices
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