HTC Just For Women?


Companies are always trying to come up with new marketing strategies that will bring in the big bucks. They say that the key to selling any product is all in how you market it.


HTC tried a marketing strategy a while back of marketing a series of phones just to women. They started with the HTC Bliss –  which for those of you that don’t remember the Bliss, it  came with all kinds of “feminine apps” such as the calorie counter, shopping companion apps, etc. You know all those things that woman “need”. (On a personal note I find it some what offensive for HTC to presume that I want or need a price comparison app or a calorie counter) The Bliss also had that “adorable” charm that lit up when you had missed call. This was intended to help woman whom tended to lose their phone in their purse. Which, if your purse is anything like mine, it kind of resembles  the bag Marry Poppins has and your phone always works its way to the bottom of your bag and is impossible to find when someone is calling you.


HTC’s new phone for women is rumored to be called the HTC Glamor. The images that are surfacing around the Glimmer look very similar to the standard HTC phones. The main difference that I am seeing is the bright colors that wrap around the phone. It is said the phone will come in bright: pink, blue, yellow, and possibly green.  It doesn’t have the charm or come pre-loaded with “girlie apps” but it should be glamorous all the same.




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