Could a “Pick and Pack” policy keep you from cancelling a pre-order?

Apparently Sprint has a “Pick and Pack” policy that is not allowing customers who pre-ordered the HTC EVO lte to cancel. This would be to avoid the product being shipped while the order is being cancelled.  It is my understanding that “Pick and Pack” means that the item has already been placed in a box and is ready for shipment.

According to an Inside Sprint Now blog ALL pre-orders are in a “Pick and Pack” status. So wouldn’t that mean that the pre-orders are basically ready to go and we are really just waiting to find out what is happening on the legal side of things.

I personally like thinking that they will have enough on hand to ship out the orders all at once, but I am not sure how I feel about being told the phones are at customs when the above makes it sound like they are not.

What are you thoughts on this? Do you think that all orders are really ready to go like mentioned in the Inside Sprint Now blog? Do you think they are truly still sitting at customs? Is it possible that this is just a scheme in Apple’s master plan to sue everyone into dumbing down their products so Apple can catch up? ((Ok, maybe that last question was a bit “aggressive”.))

Thanks to Inside Sprint Now for their insight on the this story here: