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  • [UPDATED] Apple’s iPhone 5 – Official Specifications!

      The countdown is over. See our updates below for the IPhone 5 specifications. There are rumors already circling stating that it’s just going to be called the iPhone 5. Do you think so? We will find out shortly for sure. There have been numerous leaks ahead of Wednesday’s event, from individual components like screen […]

  • Androids numbers increase while Apples numbers decrease

    Today in the technology news section on ABC the International Data Corporation (IDC) reported figures for worldwide smartphone unit sales and market shares in the 2nd quarter of 2012. The IDC is the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the  information technology, telecommunications and consumer technology markets. They gathered the information based on operating […]

  • New Launch Date of HTC EVO 4g LTE and One X MIGHT be 5-23-12

    Inside Sprint Now is now reporting that it looks like the new launch date for the EVO lte and One x could be the 23rd of this month. Obviously, this is not set in stone and there are a couple of  things that could sway that date either way but it is nice to think that […]

  • Could a “Pick and Pack” policy keep you from cancelling a pre-order?

    Apparently Sprint has a “Pick and Pack” policy that is not allowing customers who pre-ordered the HTC EVO lte to cancel. This would be to avoid the product being shipped while the order is being cancelled.  It is my understanding that “Pick and Pack” means that the item has already been placed in a box […]

  • Is the HTC EVO 4g Lte being held up at Customs by Apple?

    Rumors are flying that shipments are being held up at customs due to an ITC order that was passed down before the One X was announced at Mobile World Congress by Apple. It is worded as in such a way to can hold up any HTC Android device. The patent in question is the 647 […]

  • Samsung leap frogs Apple in Market Share!

      Samsung has finally leaped over Apple to become the number one smartphone manufacturer.  Until Q1 2012, Apple was the world leader in smartphone sales, but IDC has released shipment figures showing Samsung leading the pack!     Apple did sell an impressive 35.1 million iPhones in Q1 of this year, but Samsung did better […]

  • The New iPad!

      Well, what we basically thought the new iPad was going to be is basically what it is.  Apple is calling it “the new iPad” so we’ll see if that name sticks or if you will actually have to say that when asking for it at the store.  Let’s talk specs: *4G/LTE capable on Verizon […]

  • iPhone/iPad > Android in HTML5!

    HTML5, a collection of different web technologies, is what many believe to be the future of cross-platform mobile gaming and apps.  With every new release of mobile operating systems, HTML5 rendering has become more and more efficient and capable. When comparing iOS to Android in terms of how well HTML5 web rendering can be done, […]

  • Change Siri’s accent on iOS (over 40 to choose from)

      One of the main reasons people flocked to get a 4S was the introduction of Siri, a personal assistant and amazing voice recognition agent that has not been successfully emulated and is the envoy of the other phone operating systems at the moment.  Siri can perform hundreds of tasks by voice activation and even […]

  • BREAKING: Apple Files Suit Against Samsung’s Google Nexus Line!

    Apple has fired a new shot in the ongoing patent war against perhaps its biggest rival in the smartphone market, Samsung. FOSS Patents reports that Apple has filed a injunction to stop the sale of Samsung’s recent Android 4.0-based Galaxy Nexus smartphone. In its injunction, Apple claims that the Galaxy Nexus violates four of Apple’s […]

  • Rumor: Next iPhone to Have 4-Inch Display

    Previous "iPhone 5" mockup based on leaked case designs

      Back in October of this year Apple released the iPhone 4S, which too many was a letdown. The media had hyped up the rumored iPhone 5 which was thought to have had a 4 inch display, and much to our surprise Apple stuck with its traditional 3.5 inch display, while other Smartphone manufactures such as […]

  • Adobe Dropping Mobile Flash Player In Lieu Of HTML5 Support

    Adobe announced today via their blog that, after the upcoming release of Flash Player 11.1 for Android and BlackBerry Playbook, they will no longer develop Flash Player for mobile devices. Instead they are going to refocus their development efforts to better support the newly adopted HTML5 standard. From their blog: “Adobe is all about enabling designers […]

  • Audio Echo bug in new iPhone 4S during voice calls

      According to several threads on Apple’s support forum many users of the new iPhone 4S model are experiencing an audio echo during voice calls while using a wired headset. The bug seems doesn’t seem to be carrier specific. Users claim the bug does not always occur immediately, it can vary anywhere from 30 seconds […]

  • Apple co-founder Steve Jobs dead at 56

    (CNET)    Apple Co-founder and Chairman Steve Jobs died today.  He was 56. Steve Jobs had been suffering for many years a long hard battle with a rare form of pancreatic cancer.  Apple announced in January  that he would be taking an indeterminate medical leave of absence. Jobs then stepped  down as chief executive in late August, citing […]

  • Samsung Galaxy S II -vs- iPhone 4S

    Samsung waisted no time in going after Apple and the release of the iPhone 4S. Just a few hours after the announcement the director of PR sent out a helpful comparison chart showing how the iPhone 4S stacks up against the company’s newest flagship phones, the Galaxy S II.  The company also announced that they’re […]

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