iPhone/iPad > Android in HTML5!

HTML5, a collection of different web technologies, is what many believe to be the future of cross-platform mobile gaming and apps.  With every new release of mobile operating systems, HTML5 rendering has become more and more efficient and capable.

When comparing iOS to Android in terms of how well HTML5 web rendering can be done, Spaceport.io found that iOS smokes the competition.  The Galaxy Nexus, the Android device with the latest hardware and the very latest software, did the best as far as Android devices go, but it fell very short of the iPhone 4S.  Overall, it looks like Apple is way ahead of its competition in HTML5 rendering, although everyone has a ways to go before HTML5 becomes a significant daily player.

Take a look at the comparison below to get the concept of how the two largest mobile operating systems stacked up!




(via AllThingsD)