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  • Latest Nielsen Results: Over 90% of Smartphones Purchased in Last Three Months iOS or Android

      The latest Nielsen survey released shows some pretty amazing trends in the cell phone industry. First to note is that smartphones now account for 50% of all phone purchases in the U.S., marking a 38% increase over last year at this time. According to Nielsen, this growth is attributed to increasing smartphone adoption, with […]

  • iOS5.1 Jailbreak in the Works

    Pod2G, the French security researcher who was the mastermind behind finding the bug that got us a jailbreak for the iPhone 4 and 4S on 5.0.1, is back in action and actively looking for some iOS5.1 vulnerabilities.  In a tweet responding to someone asking about a new iPad jailbreak, Pod2G did indeed confirm that he […]

  • iPhone/iPad > Android in HTML5!

    HTML5, a collection of different web technologies, is what many believe to be the future of cross-platform mobile gaming and apps.  With every new release of mobile operating systems, HTML5 rendering has become more and more efficient and capable. When comparing iOS to Android in terms of how well HTML5 web rendering can be done, […]

  • Change Siri’s accent on iOS (over 40 to choose from)

      One of the main reasons people flocked to get a 4S was the introduction of Siri, a personal assistant and amazing voice recognition agent that has not been successfully emulated and is the envoy of the other phone operating systems at the moment.  Siri can perform hundreds of tasks by voice activation and even […]

  • Google Maps….now with London Transit Maps

    I am not sure how many members we have from London here, but Google is looking out for you (and hopefully a sign of things to come). The new version of Google Maps has been released and it has the London Underground and transit maps included in it!!

  • Swype Ported To iOS And Already Updated To Beta 2

    Earlier this week a hack was introduced that allowed users to install Swype for iOS, which for some people it greatly improves their typing speed on iOS devices. Andrew Liu, developer of the “DreamBoard” theming hack for jailbroken devices, has begun to “port” Swype to iOS. The initial release of the modification had several bugs or shortcomings, such as low accuracy and problems with word prediction. Well the Swype port has now been updated to address those issues and make it feel more like the original.

  • What’s More Secure? iOS or Android?

    So it seems Symantec did an independent study of mobile operating systems. They attempted to measure how secure Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms are, and also determine how the mobile systems stack to today’s desktop operating systems. Symantec claims that these mobile platforms are much more secure than today’s popular desktop operating systems, though the firm does suggest that the key variable as always is the “human element”.

  • Star Legends: Verizon Exclusive MMORPG Limited Beta

    Following in the footsteps of Pocket Legends’s previous success, Spacetime Studios is preparing to release Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles as an iOS, Android, and eventually as a PC title with similar features but a different theme. A limited beta of the upcoming MMORPG from Spacetime Studios will be arriving exclusively in the Verizon V Cast Market very soon. Follow the link for more details…

  • Windows Phone Chief “feels Flattered” over iOS5 design.

    Steve Jobs stole the WWDC 2011 conference this year with iOS5, iCloud, and the new functions of the iPhone. But I want to point something out. The things that Apple announced as their new features Microsoft ALREADY DID 8 months AHEAD of Apple. Yes folks – Let’s just see who is copying who!

  • Apple confirms both iOS5 and iCloud – Debut WWDC

    The exact nature of iCloud is currently unknown, but I’m betting we will see a significant refresh of MobileMe with new backup and other features right to the cloud. That’s also expected to include is an online media cloud service which will mirrior local stores of music and allow them to be accessed while on the move…

  • Microsoft Planning NFC In Windows Phone 7?

    Microsoft is rumored to be adding a newly popular feature in Windows Phone 7, and that is Near Field Communication, or NFC. It will supposedly ship on smartphones later this year, which means the software/OS part could be part of the Mango update. Nokia said that it would be implementing NFC on most of its smartphones in 2011, so this could be a push by the Nokia-Microsoft partnership. Read more…

  • Get a keyboard on your iPhone 4 with Boxwave’s Keyboard Buddy case

    The latest product found at Boxwave is a Keyboard Buddy case for the iPhone 4. This provides your iPhone with a physical keyboard through a blue-tooth connection, something most users want while others may not be interested. These cases are available now so read more to learn how to get one.

  • March 2nd – Apple will announce the iPad 2

    Tired of your iPad yet? If so, the second one will be announced very soon so maybe you will see new features and updates. If you aren’t tired of yours that’s great, keep it. Apple is holding a special media event on March 2nd, 2011 in San Francisco, according to the Wall Street Journal.

  • Apple maintains U.S. market share lead through November but Android is closing in fast!!

    The race for the lead is on! Numbers are increasing consistently and Nielsen has the results spreading around the web like wildfires. According to November data from The Nielsen Company, the popularity of the Android OS among those who purchased a smartphone in the last six months (40%) makes it the leading OS among recent acquirers. This is the most recent recording available.