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  • Samsung Galaxy Note II unveiled but no carrier announcement

    Just a couple of days ago Samsung made an announcement in their Press Release of the Samsung Galaxy Note II and created an interesting video for you to watch. Watch the hands on Youtube video by Samsung here. Of course, they did not even mention what carrier may be getting it. We know that T-Mobile […]

  • iPhone/iPad > Android in HTML5!

    HTML5, a collection of different web technologies, is what many believe to be the future of cross-platform mobile gaming and apps.  With every new release of mobile operating systems, HTML5 rendering has become more and more efficient and capable. When comparing iOS to Android in terms of how well HTML5 web rendering can be done, […]

  • Samsung to release a pink Galaxy Note!

    If you wanted this awesome 5.3″ beast of a phone with its handy S Pen, but had reservations about the fact that you could only get it in blue or white (and if you live in Germany for now), fear not, for you will soon be able to acquire this device in pink!  Take a […]

  • Samsung Galaxy SII in the works

    If you have not already heard about it, this is great news! Apparently the Samsung Galaxy SII rumors are true and this bad boy has been approved by the FCC. What’s so sweet about this device is that it supports 2.4ghz and 5ghz frequencies, meaning it’ll almost certainly come with dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi. We heard this is one of the first phones ever to come with this feature.

  • Samsung Galaxy 2- Does it take you to the Androidosphere?

    Androphones has it from several sources that Samsung will be launching a new Snapdragon powered Android device. Judging from the likely specifications, this will surely have enough rocket power to boost you to whatever galaxy you want to go to. – 1 GHz Snapdragon – 3.7 inch AMOLED touchscreen – 5 MP camera – 32 […]