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  • The Pocket PC Geeks Podcast For 03/31/11!

    Next Podcast on April 14th!   The PPCGP, All the Mobile News You’ll Ever Need! Season 2, Episode 20 for 03/31/2011! See us on both ZUNE Marketplace & iTunes! Also, got  a minute? REVIEW the podcast and tell us what you think! Be sure to follow us on twitter! Host: Laos101 AKA Joshua Sherman Guests: Our Newsies! Mr. Hoodracer, […]

  • AT&T Confirms Working On Access To Amazon App Store For Android

    Ever since AT&T started selling Android smartphones, they’ve disabled the ability to install applications from “unknown sources”, meaning the only way to officially install apps is through the Android Market. You could still use the ADB command line to push an APK to your phone, but that’s beyond most people’s scope. They just want to be able to click on the phone and install things. Now, this wasn’t really a huge deal in the past, but with the release of the Amazon App Store, it has caused an uprising among AT&T Android users because they can’t install the App Store, much less install apps from there. Read more…

  • UPDATE: BlackBerry Messenger Coming To iPhone April 26th – FALSE

    Update: False Alarm. According to BGR, there was no conference in Toronto and Jim Balsillie didn’t speak at any event.

  • Free App of the day from the Amazon App Store for Android

    Geeks we are here to spread the word for the Amazon App Store that Android devices can get one free application per day, if you haven’t already noticed. We will do our best to keep you up to date each day and let you know what’s available.

  • Microsoft Planning NFC In Windows Phone 7?

    Microsoft is rumored to be adding a newly popular feature in Windows Phone 7, and that is Near Field Communication, or NFC. It will supposedly ship on smartphones later this year, which means the software/OS part could be part of the Mango update. Nokia said that it would be implementing NFC on most of its smartphones in 2011, so this could be a push by the Nokia-Microsoft partnership. Read more…

  • Google Enables In-App Billing For Android Market

    Google has enabled a feature that developers are sure to love. Much like iOS, developers can now offer in-app billing for their apps. This means they could offer you an app, then add levels or features and bill you for them from within the app. It uses the same checkout system as the Market itself and Google will get a 30% cut from all proceeds. Read more…

  • Sprint Waiving Mail-In Rebates Indefinitely

    This is great news for Sprint customers! Verizon Wireless recently started doing this on most of their smartphones and looks like Sprint caught wind and decided to do it also.

  • Push Notifications Finally Working For Facebook On Android?

    Some of you may have noticed in Facebook’s changelog that they supposedly enabled push notifications a few versions ago. This wasn’t working for most people, actually, probably 99% of people. Lots of people loved that feature on the iPhone. As a workaround, I always setup SMS/Email notifications, but its just not the same as getting native notifications. Since last week, I’ve seen a few reports of people saying that push notifications are starting to work for them, and others saying it still wasn’t. Mine just started working today. Read more…

  • Windows Phone 7 to Overtake RIM?

    The technology group Ovum is predicting that by 2016 Android will drive the smartphone market growth by double. The predictions see Android owning 38% of the market, Apple owning 17.5 and Blackberry holding 16.5%.

  • iPad 2 shortages continue, relief 1-2 months away

    Apple is facing major supply issues with the new iPad 2, with some customers having to wait 4 to 5 weeks for delivery. Apple has had shortage issues in the past with the second generation iPhone 3G for more than a month and up to 3 weeks on the Iphone 4 according to reports from NPD Group.

  • [First Look] Angry Birds Rio

    Hello again PPCGeeks! This is Oridus bringing you the first look of Angry Birds: Rio. This installment of Angry Birds has been a highly anticipated addition to the super popular game series for iPhone(and pads and pods and such) and Android devices.
    This version is an exclusive version to Amazon’s App store that they attempted to launch this morning, but quickly removed it, therefore stopping most people from getting their paws on a copy of Angry Birds Rio. Join me inside to take a look!

  • [DISCUSSION] Verizon’s new 4G devices coming soon – details inside!

    Finally users of Verizon Wireless service have had the pleasure of owning the first ever LTE smartphone that hit their market. The HTC Thunderbolt has been a great success so far and it’s actually the most talked about handset still to this day. Our Thunderbolt forums are filled with rooting information and much more already so hop on in and take a look.

  • Google Nexus S Officially Coming To Sprint

    Remember back when Google first launched the Nexus One and how their goal was to get it on every major US carrier? There was even a rumor that it was going to be released on Sprint, but that was pulled at the last minute, presumably because of the launch of the HTC Evo 4G. Well now the wait is over. For those of you that want a pure Google phone on Sprint, you can soon pre-order the Google Nexus S 4G. For more information, you can visit the Sprint landing page for the phone. Read more…

  • Sprint’s mysterious HTC Shooter – dual core CPU?

    GLBenchmark has shown a screenshot of what appears to be another new device coming to Sprint, the HTC Shooter. Some say this device is possibly going to have a dual-core Qualcomm processor. What would give that away? Keep reading to learn more.

  • Bizzy for Android – Now Available

    Bizzy is an application recently launched on Android that has been available for iOS for sometime now. If you are unfamiliar with Bizzy, it’s very similar to Foursquare and Yelp but has a few more cool features. Instead of checking into places, you are checking out. Of course there is more to it than that. Keep reading to find out all about it.