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  • No NFC on Your Phone? How about a NFC SDCard + Storage??

    Yes you heard me correct…Those of use that don’t have NFC built into their devices like the new Google Nexus S we may have an option for using that Google Wallet afterall. It seems that a Chinese company called Netcom (no relations to Norwegian carrier with the same name) has put together this nice little device. It is a mirosd card + NFC chip.

  • New Phone by Sharp???

    There is something new coming for AT&T users. Earlier today it was “leaked” that there might be a new phone joining the AT&T family.

  • Android Emulators…Gone for Good?

    For those avid Android gamers, you might be shocked the next time you go to update any emulated game you have purchased. As of a few days ago, Android has pulled all of its emulated games from the market place. After receiving complaints from Sega, Android pulled all games/updates without warning.

  • 26 NEW Android Malware Programs Released!!!

    As PPCGeek tries to protect it’s users I bring you this important message for Android users. It seems that a company has found over 26 more mal-ware programs in the Android Marketplace. It is suspected of infecting over 100,000 Android users. Lookout Mobile Security made the discovery over the weekend, and believes that the rogue software was likely created by the same persons who created the ‘DroidDream’ malware that was discovered in dozens of Android apps a couple of months back.

  • Evo2 – Android Powered Gaming System

    Are you a casual gamer, who enjoys playing games on your Android powered phone? Wish that you could just hook it up to the big screen sometimes? Envizions just might have what you’re looking for. The company plans to release a gaming console that will let you play your Android games on your widescreen TV.

  • Droid 3 Appears in Verizon Internals

    Well readers, it appears as though the long awaited Droid 3 is almost here. Or so you would think, by seeing it start showing itself in Verizon’s internal documents. As seen in this picture from an anonymous leakster. Of course we all saw how long we thought the Thunderbolt was on it’s way, right?

  • T-Mobile Gets Free Unlimited Wi-Fi Calling starting tomorrow!

    Starting tomorrow T-Mobile customers will have access to a new feature that will allow Wi-Fi calling capable devices to make and receive phone calls for free. These calls will not use your calling minutes. In other words, they will be unlimited calls and that’s very exciting news!!

  • Qik for Android now supports video chat between Android and iOS

    Qik has been very popular for users who currently have Android devices but mainly more popular on the devices like the Sprint HTC EVO and the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G. You may ask why? Simply because they were among the few devices to be able to fully take advantage of all of Qik’s various services, including video chat.

  • Google loses lawsuit to patent troll Bedrock Computer Technologies

    Google has been sued successfully and lost for use of Linux on it’s server platform.  Although this may not be a huge loss to Google financially, this issue could extend to the Android platform. Bedrock Computer Technology has also sued AOL, Yahoo and Amazon to name a few. Will companies like Bedrock Computer Technologies impede […]

  • [UPDATE] Verizon’s upcoming 4G devices – Prices leaked!

    Looking at the image you can tell that Verizon Wireless has several 4G devices being released starting today. Their 4G Novatel USB 551L modem and the Samsung 4G SCH-LC11 Mobile Hotspot are both now available for only $99.99 online with a new two year contract. But wait, there are many more devices other than internet modems coming your way.

  • Sprint’s new music service – Sprint Music Plus

    Sprint recently announced a new music service available for Android smartphones and most Blackberry devices as well. The name of this new music service is Sprint Music Plus which is powered by RealNetworks. This music service allows users to purchase DRM-free, MP3 music tracks and ringtones starting at just $0.69.

  • T-Mobile HTC Sensation 4G Coming This Summer

    This looks to be one beast of a phone, that’s for sure. HTC recently announced the specs of its HTC Sensation (aka Pyramid), and T-Mobile announced that it will be releasing it this summer with its 4G HSPA+ network. It featuers a dual-core 1.2GHz processor, 768Mb of RAM, 1Gb of ROM, Bluetooth 3.0, a 4.3″ qHD (540×960) Super LCD display (with Gorilla Glass), dual cameras, and an aluminum unibody chasis. The rear camera is also 8MP capable of 1080p Full HD video recording with stereo sound. It also comes complete with Gingerbread and the latest version of HTC’s Sense. Read more…

  • Sprint has a Samsung Replenish “green” phone in the works

    Sources have been following information on this mysterious device since the beginning of April. While some thought the Samsung Replenish may only be a feature phone, it’s recently been confirmed in training documents that it is actually an Android powered “green” device. Keep reading to find out more.

  • Slacker vs Pandora – Or Something Better?

    As times change, so does how we listen to music, especially portable music. From cassettes we went to CDs, then even the MiniDisc (anyone remember those things?), then to mp3 players. Now with smartphones becoming more mainstream for the casual user, streaming internet radio is becoming more popular.
    Right now, two of the most popular services are probably Slacker Radio and Pandora. In this editorial, we will compare both services, and you will get the input of 2 people from the site, myself (mindfrost82), and Courtney1985. Read more…

  • ASUS Eee Pad Transformer TF101 (Updated)

    Many of us have been holding out for a tablet that can pretty much replace our desktop/laptop at home. Asus seems to have come up with a great product that can do just that for some of us. This powerhouse includes features such as 10.1-inch gorilla covered multitouch display, 16gb/32gb storage, 1GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 […]