Are you a casual gamer, who enjoys playing games on your Android powered phone? Wish that you could just hook it up to the big screen sometimes? Envizions just might have what you’re looking for. The company plans to release a gaming console that will let you play your Android games on your widescreen TV. They are already currently accepting pre-orders for the initial production run of EVO2 console. With an initial payment of $15 you can reserve a place as one of the early EVO 2 customers.


Evo 2 will carry a pricetag of $249 and will have the ability to bring Android mobile games to your TV. The gaming console, which sports a Samsung 1.2 GHz processor with a 512 MB RAM, will be running a modified Android 2.2 OS. The package will include a remote, a gaming controller and an HDMI cable.
A 3D motion sensor is in the plans as well. The company also mentions implementing a feature that allows players to earn EVO tokens. These EVO tokens can be used toward the purchase of new premium Android games.

Will the fact that this is an “open console”, be enough to give this an edge over other options in the gaming market? Is it just a gimmick? Apparently the first edition sold out 2009. As tablets become more abundant, will games get better, to where this becomes a better option to proprietary consoles? Games can be downloaded easily to this device and there’s also a game cloud storage available as well. Not to mention an open SDK model for game developers.

Here are a few of the known details and specs:
• EVO 2 system will utilize built-in Wi-Fi for photos, music and games.
• EVO 2 will be powered by Android 2.2 and support HD content and EVO Market Store.
• The EVO 2 console will also support Qquip SMS Reward Service, and GameBox storage.
• EVO 2 is designed to sync with your Android tablet or cell phone.
• Nvidia graphics
• 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi
• Support HDMI
• Five USB ports
• TOSLINK /Optical Audio output