For those avid Android gamers, you might be shocked the next time you go to update any emulated game you have purchased. As of a few days ago, Android has pulled all of its emulated games from the market place. After receiving complaints from Sega, Android pulled all games/updates without warning. This came as quite the shock for Yong Zhang, the main developer for emulated games at Android.  Zhang stated that he had no clue this was happening, he wasn’t notified, just found that all his games and rights as a developer had been removed.

But don’t dispear…Zhang is currently looking to work with third party app stores to keep his games and updates for games going. He has spoken with several companies and is currently working closely with SlideMe. Although there are concerns for a long term relationship between the two, it is a starting place. With the developer moving to the new market he has made the applications free for 2 weeks. So this is a GREAT time to get all your gaming needs for free.

It will be interesting to see how Android users react to this change in the app store, as well as seeing what the Android market does to replace those emulated games. Is this just the start of something bigger…?


Source: Engadget