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This just in – Hot topics around the forums

Let’s take a look at what topics are popular in the forums in case you may have missed them. PPCGeeks users have a lot to talk


Change Siri’s accent on iOS (over 40 to choose from)

  One of the main reasons people flocked to get a 4S was the introduction of Siri, a personal assistant and amazing voice recognition agent

March 57, 2012 Apps, General, How-To & Tips

Make your (jailbroken) iPhone look and feel like WP7’s Metro UI!

One of the main reason people jailbreak their iPhones is to customize the theme that some people deem boring.  With an iPhone, no matter which

February 12, 2012 General, How-To & Tips
Comments Off on iPhone Tip: GMail via Exchange – How To Delete Instead Of Archive

iPhone Tip: GMail via Exchange – How To Delete Instead Of Archive

I've had the iPhone for a few months now, after using Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Phone 7, and Android. Android obviously had excellent

February 48, 2012 Apps, Devices, How-To & Tips

How to upgrade Samsung Epic 4G to Gingerbread (EI22)

On November 10, 2011 Sprint announced the Samsung Epic 4g would be updated to Gingerbread S:D700.0.5S.EI22 over the course of the next ten days.  Sprint’s

November 36, 2011 Editorial, Featured, How-To & Tips

[From The Forums] Backup your Android device to a cloud Network (root needed)

Kaos has recently posted about the new cool ability of Titanium backup to save backup files to a cloud server such as Dropbox. Read here:

August 31, 2011 Apps, Featured, How-To & Tips

Check out our EVO3D Forums!

  Hey Geeks! For Those of you owning or considering an EVO3D this summer, nows your chance to get in the loop! Join the Conversation


iPhone iOS 4.x+ Tracking Your Location! (and how to prevent it!)

  Apparently the newer Apple iOS versions have built in to them location tracking.  This basically records latitude and longitude and a timestamp and isn’t

April 52, 2011 Devices, General, How-To & Tips

WP7 has Mass Storage Capabilities

So it seems Microsoft has hidden a lot of features in the phone....tethering...and mass storage now...Who would have thought that the new OS would allow

November 52, 2010 General, How-To & Tips

Review: iPad Case – Black (IPAD-101) vs. iPad Case – Herringbone (IPAD-102) from Case Logic.

UPDATE: Congrats to the winner of the case, O.A.T.! You'll receive a PM with instructions soon!


All About ROR – Residual Oil Remover – Perfect for Smartphones & More!

We recently got in touch with the makers of ROR - a high end screen cleaner for multi-layer plastic, glass, and mirror surfaces - and

November 55, 2010 Featured, General, How-To & Tips, Reviews

Windows Phone 7 Live Tiles not the same Everywhere!

So If you are like Courtney1985 (from here on out she will be referred to as Courtney) around here on PPCG you are consistently asking

November 28, 2010 Apps, General, How-To & Tips

iPhone Hackers Drama + New Jailbreak for 4.1!

Saturday, October 9th, famed (or infamous, depending on which side you’re on) iPhone hacker GeoHot (George Hotz) released a new jailbreak for iOS 4.1 for

October 24, 2010 Featured, General, How-To & Tips

New Jailbreak iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G, iPad all versions!!

Over the weekend a new jailbreak was released which works for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS on new and old bootrom, iPhone 3G, and iPad all

August 35, 2010 Devices, Featured, General, How-To & Tips

IPhone 4 Woe is You? Pre-Order Status in Doubt? Read on!

Despite the recent cancellations of pre-orders due to problems with AT&T and Apple, the majority of the pre-orders have been sent out (estimated 600,000 handsets)

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