Make your (jailbroken) iPhone look and feel like WP7’s Metro UI!

One of the main reason people jailbreak their iPhones is to customize the theme that some people deem boring.  With an iPhone, no matter which iOS version, you get pages full of icons and folders and the pulldown notification center.  You cannot change the icon images, their sizes, nor can you add widgets.  People with a jailbroken device and a little knowledge, however, have unlimited options.

In this article, I’m going to give you my favorite iPhone theme app due to its simplicity and many options and variables. Especially highlighting the ability to transform you iPhone into Windows Phone 7 with its sleek Metro UI.

The first thing you’ll need to do is jailbreak your iPhone.  If you don’t know how to do this head over to our iPhone forums and if the tutorial for your device and firmware version is not listed, just open up a new thread!  Currently ANY iPhone can be jailbroken untethered (meaning you do not need to plug the phone in and run an app to turn it on and get it working) and can be done so very easily.

Once you’ve gotten it jailbroken, you will have a Cydia app.  This app will need to update for a little while on first run, you want the user/graphical option when it asks.  You will need to go to Sources > Edit > Add and add the following repo:

Once this is added you need to go to the Search tab and find DreamBoard.

Once DreamBoard is installed, you can add the repo:  and add the app Themeit.  Themeit has some paid themes that are, in my opinion, better than the free ones.  The best two Metro UI ones are “Metro” and “Metro 8” by Rigaton1.  They both offer many options, live tiles, custom icons and a nice Metro experience, and cost a minute amount.  Check out the pictures of them below.  First is Metro, second is Metro 8



The third option (which is free) is actually pretty good too, with some live tiles, custom icons, and good settings. It is called OS7 by Andrew Lui, and the files can be SSHed into your DreamBoard folder (see our How-To on SSH in the iPhone forums) and found free on Google.  See below.


There are also PLENTY of themes available of the Android flavor and other awesome themes on Cydia both paid and free for DreamBoard, just search and try them out!  I will have an article soon on my very overall favorite DreamBoard themes!

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