This just in – Hot topics around the forums

Let’s take a look at what topics are popular in the forums in case you may have missed them. PPCGeeks users have a lot to talk about but we would like to point out a few hot topics. If you have been out for a while, this is a great way to get started and catch back up. If you’re a geek you might agree that there is always room for great discussion so go ahead and check out the links below.

  • Introduce yourself to PPCGeeks users all over the world in our introductions forum. Click here
  • Our Windows Mobile HTC Arrive/7 Pro forums have some interesting topics. Click here
  • Check out the “Off Topic” chatter box and explore several different topics. Click here
  • [NEW TOPIC] Maybe Moving from Windows. Would like some real input from users. Click here
  • [THEMES] Lots of Android themes can be found here. Click here
  • [HOW TO] Install CWM and ROOT for GALAXY TAB 10.1 in our Android Tablets forum. Click here  
  • [SPRINT] Perplexed: troubleshooting dropped calls in our carrier discussion forum. Click here

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