All About ROR – Residual Oil Remover – Perfect for Smartphones & More!

Hey there Geeks!
We recently got in touch with the makers of ROR – a high end screen cleaner for multi-layer plastic, glass, and mirror surfaces – and were curious in their recent initiative to bring their products to the consumer end, having them used for cleaning anything from cellphones, to cell phone cameras, and even TVs and larger screens (such as on laptops & iPads.) We decided to pick up some ROR of our own and do some simple quality comparisons to some Monster Screen Cleaner we had lying around.

For starters, we did a simple screen cleaning, as you could see in the above photo. The plastic and glass layering that composes the majority of smartphones and electronics on the market are a perfect surface for the cleaner to work on. While most cleaners feel like a soapy water that quickly evaporates when used, the ROR has a much different consistency; it appears to carry a basic quality to it (as there is a small amount of ammonia inside) and lets it glide and easily break down the oils on the surface, letting you remove them with a napkin (you don’t need to use micro fiber cloths!) and leave the screen bright and glossy. Even better, the larger sprays require a large amount to clean the area, the 1oz eye dropper and 2oz spray  bottle can clean an EVO is just one spray/drop, and an iPad in just two drops. This means just one bottle will last you for months at a time!

Next, we showed the origin of the ROR’s use, camera quality. We dirtied up a Canon lens we had lying around and took comparison shots below.  You can see the dirty/clean difference on the ROR, but even better, we tried it with a generic cleaner, note the blurry results!

In Conclusion, ROR is a fantastic product we suggest to the heavy user with oily hands, or an oily device. Here are the shots we took using the product

Before ROR was used.

After ROR was used

Before MONSTER Cleaner was used.

After MONSTER Cleaner was used.

Pick it up here at ROR’s website. It’s worth it!