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PPCG Review: Solio Classic Hybrid Solar Charger

I was lucky enough to get the Solio Classic Hybrid Solar Charger as a review item for us at PPCGeeks. This solar charger isn't

July 47, 2011 Reviews

PPCG Review: Seidio Active iPad2 Case

In order to really review the Seidio Active case for the iPad 2, I actually need to review it three different ways: As a fully-enclosed

July 49, 2011 Featured, Reviews
Comments Off on The Pocket PC Geeks Podcast for 06/23/11!

The Pocket PC Geeks Podcast for 06/23/11!

  The PPCGP, All the Mobile News You’ll Ever Need! Season 2, Episode 25 for 06/23/2011! See us on both ZUNE Marketplace & iTunes! Also, got  a

June 05, 2011 Editorial, Featured, General, PPCGP, Reviews

(Review & Giveaway) OtterBox Roundup: Samsung Galaxy Tab Defender, HTC Desire Commuter And Defender

Congrats to Hypeo and baalho! We’ll be contacting you for shipping info soon! GIVEAWAY: Geeks! At the end of this review learn how to win

June 16, 2011 Featured, Reviews

PPCGeeks Review – The LG Quantum

Hey There Geeks! Thanks to the LG Electronics Corp – we were given the unique opportunity to look at the LG Quantum, one of the

[First Look] Angry Birds Rio

Hello again PPCGeeks! This is Oridus bringing you the first look of Angry Birds: Rio. This installment of Angry Birds has been a highly anticipated

March 52, 2011 Apps, Featured, Reviews

[ROM REVIEW] Touch Pro 2 Plutonium ROM by vin255764

Today we bring you the latest ROM review we've done here at PPCGeeks. Thanks to krazydude we have gotten some great insight on one

March 20, 2011 Devices, Editorial, General, Reviews

Not another Windows Phone 7 Review – Surround

So I was privileged to have the chance of a lifetime; a 2 week special time with the HTC Surround – AT&T Windows Phone 7

February 28, 2011 Reviews

Review: Solio Solar Charger & Battery Pack (1 of 2: Unboxing)

Hey Geekers! Have you ever been outdoors with the need to charge a cellphone or any type of electronic device without an outlet anywhere in

February 29, 2011 Devices, Reviews

BLEEP The Cords with the Powermat Kit: EVO Edition!

Let's face it: Charging sucks. At the end of a long day, I'd often have at least four or five devices in need of a fill

January 44, 2011 Featured, General, Reviews

PPCGeeks Video Review: Pac-Man & Twin Blades for WP7.

Hey guys. Tony here bringing you another video review for WP7. This time we take a quick glance at the Twin Blades side scroller and

January 28, 2011 Apps, Reviews

PPCGeeks Video Review: Deluxe Moon for WP7

Hey there, Oridus here with a video review for Deluxe Moon from our friends at LifeWare Solutions. Deluxe Moon is an app available on WP7,

January 26, 2011 Apps, Reviews

PPCGeeks Review: Rover Hub 4G Unlimited Internet – A Wonderful Internet Experience!

Thanks to our friends at Rover, today I am back to review their latest product: the Rover Hub. With the Rover Hub 4G Internet service

December 05, 2010 Accessories, Featured, General, Reviews

Review: Otterbox Defender Series for HTC Evo 4g

Review of the HTC Evo Defender Series Case from Otterbox By NinjaMom and Retail Price: $49.95 Pros: Durable Polycarbonate Mid-Layer High Quality Silicone Outer-Layer

December 58, 2010 Accessories, Reviews

PPCGeeks Review: E-Tip Gloves by The North Face

The North Face was kind enough to send us a pair of E-Tip gloves for PPCGeeks to evaluate. How do they stack up as

December 39, 2010 Accessories, General, Reviews
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