Review: Solio Solar Charger & Battery Pack (1 of 2: Unboxing)

Hey Geekers! Have you ever been outdoors with the need to charge a cellphone or any type of electronic device without an outlet anywhere in sight? Well, the portable Solio Battery Pack & Solar Charger may be right for you. The compact unit is capable of charging a variety of different devices ranging from cellphones to digital cameras. The connectors included with the package are:

  • Micro-USB
  • Mini-USB
  • LG3
  • Female USB
  • Sony Ericsson
  • Samsung3
  • Nokia

The Solio website also has more connectors available if the one you’re looking for is not included.

I’m working on a review for the device, but the midwest snow is not allowing for enough sun, so i’ve done an unboxing for you to get an idea for it. Enjoy.