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PPCGeeks Review: Seidio CONVERT Combo

UPDATE: This review is part of our big giveaway, remember to post a comment to earn an extra ticket to the final giveaway lottery!  

May 14, 2011 Accessories, Featured

Get a keyboard on your iPhone 4 with Boxwave’s Keyboard Buddy case

The latest product found at Boxwave is a Keyboard Buddy case for the iPhone 4. This provides your iPhone with a physical keyboard through a

February 52, 2011 Apps, Carriers, Devices, General

WINNER: The Powermat Kit for EVO!

WINNER: Congrats to Thacounty! Enjoy your EVO Powermat, we'll be contacting you for address information!

February 12, 2011 Devices, Editorial, Featured, General

Review: Solio Solar Charger & Battery Pack (1 of 2: Unboxing)

Hey Geekers! Have you ever been outdoors with the need to charge a cellphone or any type of electronic device without an outlet anywhere in

February 29, 2011 Devices, Reviews

PPCGeeks Video Review: Pac-Man & Twin Blades for WP7.

Hey guys. Tony here bringing you another video review for WP7. This time we take a quick glance at the Twin Blades side scroller and

January 28, 2011 Apps, Reviews

PPCGeeks Video Review: Deluxe Moon for WP7

Hey there, Oridus here with a video review for Deluxe Moon from our friends at LifeWare Solutions. Deluxe Moon is an app available on WP7,

January 26, 2011 Apps, Reviews

PPCGeeks Review: Motorola DROID X!

Hello Folks! This week, Verizon Wireless kindly sent us a Moto Droid X to get our hands on and open up to see what it was

July 31, 2010 Devices, Featured, Reviews

WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Didiom Pro Giveaway!

Hello Users! Last week we asked you to show your support for Didiom Pro and our review of it by commenting on us what you thought

May 41, 2010 General, Reviews

PPCGeeks REVIEW: The HTC Incredible

Hello Users! Courtesy of Verizon Wireless, we here at PPCGeeks.Com took a moment and got in depth with the HTC Incredible, a luxury Android 2.1 smartphone. Since

May 38, 2010 Carriers, Devices, Featured, Reviews

Do you love to pester people with text messages without being identified? What if you could carpet bomb somebody to the tune of 600 texts

February 19, 2010 General, Reviews


Have you ever been in a situation where you need to leave a voicemail message for somebody and you just do not want to deal

December 39, 2009 Apps, Reviews
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