Do you love to pester people with text messages without being identified? What if you could carpet bomb somebody to the tune of 600 texts at once and there would be no way to trace it back to you? At, you can do just that!

What is it exactly? I’ll let Clamfather, one of the founding clamsman, tell you.

ClamTXT is a web application that will send text messages in batch to a phone number that you choose. How many text messages sent depends on your membership status. There is also a possible custom message, reserved for registered and donating users. When you submit a number, and our bot rolls around to your entry, a message will be sent based on your registration status. Anonymous and registered users will have a link back to the site in the text message. All submissions will have a random character string on it, to avoid filtering of duplicate messages.

Does that sound enticing enough? If so, make the jump to read more!

Tiered Texting

There are four types of users on the site, with three of them available to the public and one being for staff members, with each level getting a greater feature set then the previous.

The first is ‘Anonymous’. There is no registration required for Anonymous users. This level is mainly used by first-time users as registering is easy and enhances the usability of the site. Anonymous users have-

  • Limit of 10 text messages sent per submission
  • 1 submission per 24 hours
  • No custom text
  • No set name in shoutbox (chat function of site)

The next level is for registered users of the site. Registering is simple as it only requires a username, password, and a valid e-mail address. No pain, no side effects, it’s just that simple! Becoming a ‘Registered’ means that-

  • An increase in the maximum amount of text messages sent per submission to 50
  • 1 submission per queue (about 20 minutes)
  • 20 character custom text to be sent with the messages
  • Green username in shoutbox

$5 will get you 600!” If I was marketing for this next level, that would be my slogan. This level, called ‘Donator’, gains access to all the features of the site. For a donation of $5 dollars, users get-

  • Tier 1
    • Cost: $5
    • Blue name
    • 150 messages limit per 2 hours
    • Level 2 priority (sent before registered any anonymous)
    • 40 character custom message sent with text
  • Tier 2
    • Cost: $10
    • Blue-gray name
    • 200 text message limit per 2 hours
    • Level 3 priority in queue list
    • 80 character custom message sent with text
    • Star next to name
    • BBCode access
    • Ability to add 1 number to block list
  • Tier 3
    • Cost: $20
    • Gold name
    • Bolded name
    • 500 text message limit per 2 hours
    • Level 4 priority in queue list
    • 140 character custom message sent with text
    • Filled star next to name
    • Ability to add 3 numbers to block list
    • Ability to remove 3 numbers from block list per 24 hours

Staff Members are called ‘Admin’ and manages the website itself, along with providing help to any troubles encountered with the site.


The site itself is functional and easy to use. Submission of the spam text to be sent is as follows.

As seen above, a user inputs the reason behind sending the message (optional), the phone number the text is being sent to, the message itself (length depending on type of user), and the amount of messages to be sent at once to the number into the spaces and then clicks submit. After clicking submit, the message is held in the queue for delivery. The bot that actually sends messages, ‘Robut’, delivers once every 20 minutes or so. The actual time depends on the amount of submissions set to be sent, with a lower amount of submissions speeding up the delivery time.

I registered and made a monetary contribution to become a ‘Donator’ to test the claims out. I sent several (50) messages to Laos101, our faithful compatriot who hosts the PPCG Podcast, and to Cornelious2, a news writer for PPCGN, at the same time they were producing a live a stream of the podcast. As you will hear, both Laos and Corn received the messages in a timely and extended manner. I believe “BigD, stop sending me spam messages!” is what Laos uttered, clearly exasperated (and amused) at the multitude of messages being  received by his phone. Start listening at 43:25 until 43:45 and you will hear Laos. Also, if you listen at 45:00 until 46:15 (that jingle noise is a phone receiving messages) you will hear Cornelious receiving messages.

Mobile Access

Any website that can be accessed via our phones is a plus and this site delivers. While there are no mobile applications (yet) to access this site directly, I found that Opera Mobile 9.7 on my Touch Pro2 works just fine in accessing the Submit page of the site . If you find that your mobile web browser can access the site, please post your results in the comments below!

Additional Site Features

Queue Page

One useful feature is the Queue page. Listed here are all the submissions made by various users that are waiting to be sent, along with the details of each message. This is useful because it allows a user to see where his spot is in the line of submissions. Some of the messages are 18+, so please be careful if foul language and obscene remarks offend you.

Responses Page

A humorous addition is the Responses page. Here lies a list of responses made by the victims receivers of the sent texts to the bot, along with the details of the sent message. Most of the responses are too vulgar to post here, but to get a sense of the possible hilarity, below is a copy of 2 sent message and the replys they received. These were the most amusing replies I could post on PPCG without losing my job. If you want the full effect, you can go here for all the responses.