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Wireless N enabled on Evo!

XDA strikes again!!! In a good way of course, thanks to the folks over there 802.11n Wi-Fi support has been enabled. As some of us

June 09, 2010 Featured, General, How-To & Tips

How to: Prevent cracks of your windows phone applications

Following is an article authored for PPCGeeks News by our very own member, Ziggy471. He has many years of experience in computer programming and coding,

April 15, 2010 Apps, Featured, General, How-To & Tips

Win A Free Apple iPad From Zagg

Zagg, well known for their invisibleSHIELD screen protectors, has launched a promotional contest that will give 1 free iPad to a lucky winner for each

April 49, 2010 General, How-To & Tips

Telus Milestone: Rooted.

The developer team over at has  managed to gain root access to the version of the Motorola Milestone which was recently released by Telus

Top 5 Free Widgets for Android

Widgets allow Android smart phone owners to customize their home screens with useful tools and information. Posters on our Android forums have detailed their

March 25, 2010 Apps, General, How-To & Tips, Reviews

Pre-paid Phone + Automobile = Remote Starter

What happens when spare electronics , cold weather, and ingenuity come together? If your answer is “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” then

January 08, 2010 Devices, How-To & Tips

Manila 2.5 has been landscaped

If you have are running a custom ROM that has Sense UI (AKA Touch Flo 3D 2.5) as its main user interface, there is now

November 48, 2009 General, How-To & Tips

U.S. Postal Service offers new mobile site

The U.S. Postal service has launched a new mobile site. While the new site currently only offers package tracking, post office location search and two-way

October 34, 2009 General, How-To & Tips

[How To] Configure your Sprint Mobile Broadband Card on a Linux OS

Do you want to configure your Sprint Mobile Broadband Card with your Linux OS-running Computer and don’t know how? You are in luck as I

October 39, 2009 Carriers, General, How-To & Tips

[PPCG TIP]- Touch Pro2 Text Special!

If you are the owner of a Touch Pro2 and text fairly regularly, you may have encountered a phenomenon I like to call “Phantom Text

October 09, 2009 Devices, General, How-To & Tips
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