[PPCG TIP]- Touch Pro2 Text Special!

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If you are the owner of a Touch Pro2 and text fairly regularly, you may have encountered a phenomenon I like to call “Phantom Text Messages”. I have found a way to temporarily squash this bug until a ROM update can fix this annoying issue.

Read on to find out how!

The issue at hand occurs when you are in the threaded text messaging view (not the new TF3D version, but the older, stock WM 6.1 version) and you receive 2 or 3 new text messages.

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Then, after reading and replying to the messages, you leave your threaded text message conversation and go to the window where it shows all the threaded text messages for every person.

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The so-called “Phantom Text Messages” occur when the conversation you were just in still shows (1) or more new text messages. For most users, this makes no sense because you were in that threaded chat and thus read the new text messages.

I found a way where you can make that go away. This will only work if you are in landscape mode and have the keyboard slid out. It does not matter if you have the screen tilted up or not.

Now when your phone is in this position you can use the arrow keypad on the keyboard to scroll up and see previous messages in the threaded chat.

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Well, if you scroll up and highlight the text messages (they turn a shade of blue in Sprint TF3D when highlighted) and then scroll back down to the part where you type in return messages, it will not indicate that you have new texts when you go to the main text window.

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I know this is a temporary fix, but it does stop the annoying “Phantom Text Message”.

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