WP7 has Mass Storage Capabilities

So it seems Microsoft has hidden a lot of features in the phone….tethering…and mass storage now…Who would have thought that the new OS would allow such a thing?  Well it appears that our friends over at MobileTechWorld has discovered this little ability hidden inside the phone.  The best part is you don’t have to unlock it, jailbreak it, root it, or whatever else you may want to call it. All you have to do is simply alter the registry of the zune software on the computer that you normally sync with.  This is just one more nice thing that has been discovered on WP7.

Now we here at PPCGeeks, do not suggest you all run out and do this though.  There are always the potential for issues, and taking advantage of this option, should you dare to use your new Windows Phone 7 device for mass storage is on your own.  There does seem to be a little issue with file recognition that may limit the overall usefulness of the hack.  If you want to see it in action yourself head over to Tom’s Guide here.

Source: Windows Phone Thoughts via MobileTechWorld