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  • Latest Nielsen Results: Over 90% of Smartphones Purchased in Last Three Months iOS or Android

      The latest Nielsen survey released shows some pretty amazing trends in the cell phone industry. First to note is that smartphones now account for 50% of all phone purchases in the U.S., marking a 38% increase over last year at this time. According to Nielsen, this growth is attributed to increasing smartphone adoption, with […]

  • Skype Private Beta Starting For Windows Phone Users?

    As you may remember, Skype is now a part of Microsoft and there’s been rumors as to when Skype will be available on Windows Phone 7 devices. There’s a new rumor floating around that there are some private invitations going out to beta test a new Skype app. Read more…

  • Microsoft Bringing XBox Live To iPhone/iPad/Android?

    While Microsoft has had games released on different platforms, so far, the XBox Live experience has really only been on Windows Phone 7 devices. Microsoft now states that it will be bringing “a few” of their XBox Live experiences and titles to the iPhone, iPad, and Android. There’s no word yet on when this might happen, or what experiences or titles that might be. Read more…

  • MIcrosoft and Nokia Show Off August 17th!

    So how would you like to attend a “Party” in a “special” location Cologne, Germany? Well PPCG’s has got a hunch that such invitations are being sent out – and it has to do with Microsoft and Nokia. Details were vary sprace but our own JasonFieldz has some in site to what this “party” will be about.

  • WP7 Devs to Get 7,712 To Look Forward To Tomorrow!

    So how many WP7 users do PPCG have? Well WHO CARES! The Windows Dev Team announced that developers will get version 7712 of Mango.

  • [From the Forum] Want Mango on your Windows Phone 7 Device?

    FROM OUR FORUMS! If you want to run windows Mango on your phone ahead of time, we have the way to do it! Now remember that PPCGeeks does not take responsibility for damaging your phone. We are not responsible for lost information! With that all said please check out our Forums, specifically our Windows Phone 7 forum and you shall find yourself a little Mango Love!

  • What’s More Secure? iOS or Android?

    So it seems Symantec did an independent study of mobile operating systems. They attempted to measure how secure Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms are, and also determine how the mobile systems stack to today’s desktop operating systems. Symantec claims that these mobile platforms are much more secure than today’s popular desktop operating systems, though the firm does suggest that the key variable as always is the “human element”.

  • Who is Ready to “Tango” with Windows Phone 7?

    Today seems to be some sort of Windows Phone 7 News day; what do I mean? Well it appears that we have been given the names of the next Windows Phone update names. Microsoft is rolling Mango out this fall that is to bring over 500 new features to Windows Phone 7. But reports are that they are already working on other major updates for the platform as well.

  • [RUMOR] Nokia to Launch WP7 October 26th?

    Today Nokia announced that its annual Nokia World Conference would be held on October 26-27 in London…Leading many to the conclusion that this will be when they kick” off their Windows Phone 7 devices. However, there is nothing that gives us 100% truthfulness to the agenda. Right now we don’t even know who the keynote speakers will be for the 2 day event.

  • Jailbreak your WP7 with ChevronWP7 Team and Microsoft’s support

    There’s a bit of good news coming from the ChevronWP7 team, it seems it’s been a while since we have heard much from them. Well, now they have made a pretty big Windows Phone announcement, completely backed by Microsoft. The specific Blog post on their site confirmed a forthcoming low-cost alternative to Developer Unlocking your Windows Phone handset.

  • [RUMOR] Microsoft Getting Ready for Mango? Handing out Mango Dev Phones!

    Microsoft seems to be right on task with this Mango thing. It seems that they are getting ready to hand out Mango flavored devices for app Dev’s next week! The article cites anonymously “sources familiar with the company’s plans” so take it with a very very fine grain of salt. Still, this is just a matter of when not if for Microsoft, so next week sounds as good as any other week.

  • Google Going Metro?

    So last week we brought up an article of Apple just copying it’s competition, well today folks it seems Google may be doing the same thing. With Microsoft going to one UI for Windows Phone 7, Xbox 360, and Windows 8; it seems Google is going to use the same “Style” of formatting for their screens.

  • Windows Phone Chief “feels Flattered” over iOS5 design.

    Steve Jobs stole the WWDC 2011 conference this year with iOS5, iCloud, and the new functions of the iPhone. But I want to point something out. The things that Apple announced as their new features Microsoft ALREADY DID 8 months AHEAD of Apple. Yes folks – Let’s just see who is copying who!

  • Is Microsoft going to become the NEW Apple?

    There are strong rumors that Microsoft is looking into purchasing Nokia for the nice round number of about $19 billion. While we don’t have an announcement from either Microsoft or Nokia, there is some strong evidence to back up this rumor.

  • Acer W4 Makes It’s Way to You

    So Acer has finally stepped up and came to the Windows Phone Party, they have released their first Windows Phone 7 – dubbed Acer W4. This is a new partnership that was announced just last week, but as it seems to me Acer was already aboard developing phones before the official announcement.

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