So how many WP7 users do PPCG have? Well WHO CARES! The Windows Dev Team announced that developers will get version 7712 of Mango.

Now we know that T-Mobile is pushing firmware updates to the HD7, which is pre-mango update (think Pre-NoDo). We also know that Microsoft released Mango to Manufactures (RTM). We also know that the Nokia Sea Ray used version 7710 of Mango during the announcement of the device.

We also know that the offical version of Mango is 7720, while 7712 is not final it is a sure heck of a lot closer than 7661 that we are running now. So lets all hold our breath for tomorrow when Devs get 7712 Mango flavor!

 So PPCG who is ready for a little more WP7 love? Tell me below what you expect to be improved iwth Mango, even the people running 7661 – what would you like ot see changed/improved? I want better music functionality the 7661 has a music bug that I want resolved!

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