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According to this article found at Computerworld, it looks like Motorola has been purchased by Google!! What will this mean for Windows Phone 7? Nothing

August 21, 2011 Devices, Featured

Windows Phone 7 in numbers: A promising start

There are many GEEKsters out there looking for some numbers from MS to help them make a decision on their next smartphone. Judging by some

March 49, 2011 Apps, General

Windows Phone 7 Update Adds Copy and Paste Functionality

Microsoft has finally started rolling out the NoDo update after a few delays. The latest Windows Phone 7 device (HTC Arrive) has this update and

March 12, 2011 Devices

WP7 HTC T8788 Headed To At&t

The folks over at Engadget have leaked another Windows Phone 7 device, this time from HTC and heading to At&t. Its the HTC T8788.

August 46, 2010 Carriers, Devices

Windows Phone 7 to Take 5 years to Complete?!

On Cnet’s behind the scene look at the Windows Phone 7 team, we get some insight as to where things actually stand with the new

June 46, 2010 Featured, General

Developers to Get Windows Phone 7 Devices Next Month!

Brandon Watson, Director of Developer Experience at Microsoft posted on on June 8th that: “Developer devices are also on everyone’s lips. During the Windows

June 52, 2010 Featured, General

Donations For HD2 WP7 Port

While most of us are CDMA users here, this is still for a good cause. As you probably know, XDA has been working on

May 35, 2010 Devices

HTC Mondrian Render & Possible Specs

This weekend, the folks at XDA got their hands on a new Windows Phone 7 leaked ROM, which supposedly comes from a device codenamed the

May 54, 2010 Devices

Dell Thunder, Lightning, Flash & Smoke!

Dell hasn't really been big in the smartphone scene, but that looks like its about to change. The interwebs are all a flutter with

April 11, 2010 Devices

Windows Phone 7 Series Becomes Windows Phone 7

I think we can all agree that Windows Phone 7 Series was a mouthful, and most of us referred to it as Windows Phone 7,

April 01, 2010 General

[PPCG Editorial] Making The Move To Android

I've been a Windows Mobile user since 2006, with my first smartphone being the Palm Treo 700wx on Sprint. From there I moved to

March 46, 2010 Featured, General

Windows Phone 7 Series Build Extracted

While we can't use it on our devices, it may offer some more insight into Windows Phone 7 Series and may reveal details that Microsoft

March 33, 2010 General

MIX10 – Day 1 In Review

We knew Microsoft was planning big things for MIX10, which started today. There are quite a few announcements from the blogosphere today, including developer

March 41, 2010 General

HTC Touch Pro 3 (Or TP2 Mini) Coming In Q3 2010?

If you remember back in December, there was the T-Mobile HTC leaked roadmap, and on that list was the HTC Tera, which was slated

March 05, 2010 Devices

Windows Phone 7 XNA Game Shown Off

Engadget has been lucky enough when it comes to Windows Phone 7, but now they got to see a demo of a new 3D

March 12, 2010 Apps, General
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