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  • Updated: 3 Windows Phone 7 Walkthrough Videos

    Windows Phone Thoughts has put up a video of a 17 minute walkthrough their Chris Pirillo got with Microsoft’s Greg Sullivan. Updated: WMPowerUser has posted 2 more demo videos from Tech Ed Middle East. Once shows cross-platform gaming and the other shows two forms of multi-tasking. Now you can see Windows Phone 7 in action. It looks very smooth and you can see working hubs also. Let us know what you think!

  • Photon – The Old WM7 Interface

    We all remember the leaked images of Windows Mobile 7 (some pictured above) that looked like a glorified Windows Mobile 6/6.5. According to Microsoft MVP Brandon Miniman and some members at XDA, the current Windows Phone 7 interface that we know as MetroUI is only about 18 months old. This would explain why the version displayed at MWC10 wasn’t very complete. Apparently, the screenshots were not fake, and were in fact the version of Windows Mobile that was supposed to come after WM6, but the project was scrapped sometime in 2008/2009.

  • Rumor: Now HTC HD2 Not Compatible With Windows Phone 7?

    First we heard rumors that the HD2 would be upgradeable to Windows Phone 7, there was even a picture of it (which was determined to be fake). Now we’re hearing that it is not possible to upgrade it because it lacks the three button requirement for WP7. Its not that it lacks the three buttons, it actually has five buttons. They’re also saying it lacks other hardware requirements, but haven’t said what those requirements actually are. They should release some of the hardware requirements later this month at MIX10 Developer’s Conference, so hopefully we’ll have a definite answer by then.

  • LG Windows Phone 7 Prototype

    While Microsoft used a basic, unbranded ASUS device to show off Windows Phone 7 at the MWC10, LG was the first manufacturer to show us a pre-production prototype device. Last night, Engadget held a video podcast to spotlight the phone and discuss Windows Phone 7 Series. The specs on this are vague except for the fact that its a slider with a 5MP camera with flash and a 3.5mm headphone jack. LG is also rumored to be releasing their WP7 phones by September 2010.

  • HTC HD2 Windows Phone 7 Petition

    For you HTC HD2 owners out there, there’s been much debate on the Windows Phone 7 upgrade options. The hardware should be able to run it just fine, but will there be an upgrade option available? We’ve heard yes and no, but nothing official from HTC or Microsoft. Now you can voice your opinion in an online petition.

  • Windows Phone 7 1 Chassis Option At Launch?

    Rumor has it that there will be very few chassis designs available for Windows Phone 7 Series, with only 1 being available at launch. At the big announcement at MWC, Microsoft did say they were going to put more hardware restrictions on the manufacturer. Chassis 1 has a full touchscreen, gigahertz processor, and dedicated graphics acceleration (perhaps without a hardware QWERTY keyboard since that’s in the Chassis 2) and is rumored to be the only version available at launch.