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  • [Discussion] Does Sprint need WebOS?

    So PPCGeeks, today we hear that Sprint is not going to get the Pre3 by HP. As many of you know they offer the Palm Pixi, which I would like to add is for free (but what shouldn’t be for a legacy device? This does seem to be a death blow for the Pre series on the 3rd largest carrier in the US. T-Mobile does not offer WebOS at all.

  • New Blackberry Monaco(Monza) Photos Appear Online

    RIM has appeared in the news quite a bit lately. Well today, some new photos of the BlackBerry Monza, or Monaco as it’s known for now, have showed up online in a Greek Blackberry forum. With the promise of some hands on video coming soon, this is the most activity we have seen from the handset since the device simulator was leaked not too long ago and the Sprint inventory image that appeared at the end of June.

  • Droid 3 Lands At Verizon: On Sale Now

    Verizon Wireless adds another handset to its’ very popular Droid line this Thursday with the official announcement of the Droid 3. The Motorola Droid 3 is available online now and in stores on July 14 for $199 with a 2-year contract or $459 with no contract. Existing Verizon customers can upgrade their phone and keep their current unlimited data plan, but new customers must choose from three tiered data plans ranging in capacity from 2 GB to 10 GB per month.

  • iPhone love at ATT

    Have you ever broken your iPhone and wished you had insurance to help cover the cost of the replacment? Well today may be your lucky day. AT&T has updated their insurance and guess what?!? It now covers the iPhone – any model, old and new… One problem though – you have to be within 30 days of your original purchase date to get insurance.

  • HTC Announces Their “Status” Facebook-aimed Phone teaming up with AT&T

    Looks like HTC and AT&T are at it again with the exclusive phones. Reminding us a lot of now year-old disastrous KIN and KIN 2 Social Phones released by Microsoft and Sharp in June 2010, The HTC Status is a phone designed to be aimed at the average user of  Facebook and their addiction to – you […]

  • Star Legends: Verizon Exclusive MMORPG Limited Beta

    Following in the footsteps of Pocket Legends’s previous success, Spacetime Studios is preparing to release Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles as an iOS, Android, and eventually as a PC title with similar features but a different theme. A limited beta of the upcoming MMORPG from Spacetime Studios will be arriving exclusively in the Verizon V Cast Market very soon. Follow the link for more details…

  • The Lulz Boat Waves Goodbye, But Not Before Leaking ATT’s LTE Plans?

    “Yarr! Our ship has recently sailed upon some juicy AT&T findings… this might be delicious…” This was posted 6 weeks ago from the recently well known LulzSec Lulz Boat and now we have some new information about it. Who is LulzSec and what are these leaked AT&T findings you ask? Well, let us try and give you at least a glimpse of what both of these are all about. Hit up the link for more…

  • HTC Evo View 4G: Used To Announce 2011 BET Award Winners

    With this being the year of the Tablets, BET Awards went along with the trend. The presenters used the HTC Evo View 4G from Sprint to reveal the winners rather than the traditional envelopes of yesteryear. BET worked its way into a major social media rampage leading up to Sunday night’s BET AWARDS 2011, with plans including on-air Twitter and Facebook integration, a “social media lounge” on premises hosted by Lala and a car giveaway for fans that use a secret hashtag, #BETAwards. Another “secret” hashtag was also introduced at the top of the show.

  • Apple Sues Amazon

    We’ve all seen some crazy lawsuits in the past. Everything from spilled coffee to burgalers suing homeowners when they became injured trying to rob the home. But this may take the cake. If there was any doubt in your mind that Apple was only after the money, this should clear it up. Apple is suing Amazon over the name of the Amazon Appstore. Apple claims that Amazon using the word “App” in their store title will cause confusion among users and will cause irrepreitable damage and cause them to lose clients. They claim that customers will be unclear by the store name.

  • Verizon To Expand Florida’s 4G Market

    Verizon Wireless announced today that their advanced 4G LTE wireless network will be available to customers in the major areas of Sarasota and Bradenton in 2011. Florida region president of Verizon Wireless Pam Tope stated, “Florida customers already have a lot of wireless power in their hands with 4G LTE, and this announced expansion in Sarasota-Bradenton will add to that.” “We’re proud to bring this superior technology to wireless customers in more areas across the state.”

  • Verizon 4G blankets more locations, July 21st

    Verizon has been making great efforts, to cover our states with as much 4G as they can, in a fairly short period of time. They remain well on track to meet their goal of adding 4G LTE to 175 markets by the end of the year. Starting July 21st, they are again adding another new set of locations to their 4G/LTE map. Hit the link for the list…

  • LightSquared reworks Network to Avoid GPS Interference

    LightSquared has been plagued with issues as they build out their own LTE network. LightSquared will be a wholesale LTE provider (think Clearwire). In fact they just signed a $20 billion contact as reported here by Lives2Learn. Well in light of all that they have had a major GPS interference issue – one that would stop them cold in their tracks. Well they announced they have found a way to fix it.

  • Sprint to ATT – You’re Wrong!

    So I have not wrote about the Sprint and AT&T merger in a couple weeks – but lets be clear – it is still in the heat of all things cell phone. Yesterday Sprint told the FCC that AT&T can expand without buying T-Mobile in a move that I would say is bold at the least. They [Sprint] claim that AT&T could see a 600% increase in network and save themselves a bunch of money because it would cost less to revamp then buy.

  • UPDATE: VZW Internal Doc: Verizon Tiered Data: pricing and start date revealed

    Currently, Verizon Wireless smartphone users with family plans are required to pay $29.99 per line for cellular data. Non-family-plan smartphone customers can purchase unlimited mobile data (with a 5GB allowance) for the same monthly price. That is all about to change when the free hotspot promo ends. Tiered pricing is now set to begin the day after the promotion ends , which is July 7th, for new contract holders. Yes, existing contracts will remain grand-fathered in and not incur any changes until their contract is up for renewal.

  • Sprint and LightSquared Join Forces

    Sprint Nextel Corp and LightSquared Inc. are joining forces to provided Sprint users with a better high-speed wireless experience. Philip Falcone (owner of LightSquared Inc.) announced to his investors that the companies were discussing a $20 billion deal. For Falcone, this deal is very important. He is basically gambling 60% of his trust fund on this project. But if this pays off like Falcone is expecting, it will have been worth the risk. Investors are excited about the deal with sprint. They were quoted, “It’s a step in the right direction given all the uncertainty around this investment.”