Apple Sues Amazon

We’ve all seen some crazy lawsuits in the past. Everything from spilled coffee to burgalers suing homeowners when they became injured trying to rob the home. But this may take the cake. If there was any doubt in your mind that Apple was only after the money, this should clear it up.

Apple is suing Amazon over the name of the Amazon Appstore. Apple claims that Amazon using the word “App” in their store title will cause confusion among users and will cause irreparable damage and cause them to lose clients. They claim that customers will be unclear by the store name.

While the lawsuit still rages between Apple and Amazon, it would appear that it is a losing battle for Apple. According to Judge Phyllis Hamilton Apple has yet to prove their claim.

So here is my question to you PPCGEEKS Are you confused by this? Do you think that Apple has the right to sue Amazon over their use of the word App? If Apple wins this lawsuit does that mean that anytime someone writes or talks about apps that Apple is entitled to something? What do you think?