LightSquared reworks Network to Avoid GPS Interference

LightSquared has been plagued with issues as they build out their own LTE network. LightSquared will be a wholesale LTE provider (think Clearwire). In fact they just signed a $20 billion contact as reported here by Lives2Learn. Well in light of all that they have had a major GPS interference issue – one that would stop them cold in their tracks. Well they announced they have found a way to fix it.

The company, which owns spectrum in the L-band (1525 through 1559 MHz and 1626.6 to 1660.5 MHz) has found a way to push through and past the GPS issues. Basically their initial idea was to run on the lower 10 MHz block of the L-Band. This is close enough to GPS that they caused issues and in some cases cancelled each other out. Now the company [LightSquared] has come out to say that they are going to use the higher 10 MHz for deployment. They state that they were saving this resource for future expansion but given light to the issues that they will just stop development in that lower range and go to the higher range; this in return seems to resolve any GPS issues they were having. To see the full press release click here.

So PPCGeekers does this mean that you will want to trust their decision and use them for LTE? Do you think this will eventually re-pop up if they expand and need that other 10 MHz band? Tell me down below – as it has me pondering what will happen in a few years when Sprint grows their LTE network using LightSquared technology.

Source: fierceWireless