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  • Now the Wait Begins for all the HTC Evo 4g LTE Pre-Orders

      If you have been around the various forms you will see a frenzy forming. Rumor has been that pre-orders for the Evo Lte would be shipping out tonight at 11 pm and pre-order customers are concerned. Why? Well, because Sprint hasn’t really updated any order information for their customers. Worry is setting in that […]

  • Sprint Won’t Be Launching Any New WiMAX Devices

    Sprint was one of the first carriers to push “4G” when they announced their WiMAX network. One of their hottest selling phones was the HTC Evo 4G. Now that almost every other carrier has announced their dedication to LTE for 4G, Sprint has been making the switch to LTE as well. Today, Bob Azzi, Senior VP of Networks, announced that Sprint will no longer be launching any new WiMAX phones to the market. Previously, Sprint has said that it would release WiMAX devices through 2012. Read more…

  • New Phone Roundup Part 1!

    Mobile World Congress 2012 introduced a host of new phones to come out this year.  In this first phone roundup installment, check out the phones below to get a quick rundown of what you can expect to come out this year.!  Which one(s) are you getting? First we have the Nokia PureView808.  This phone packs […]

  • US Cellular Debuts LTE w/ Samsung Tablet & Galaxy Phone

    US Cellular announces their plans for their 4G LTE network today. At launch, it will cover the cities of Milwaukee, Madison and Racine in Wisconsin, Des Moines, Cedar Rapids and Davenport in Iowa, Portland and Bangor, Maine, Wichita Falls, Texas, Lawton, Oklahoma and Greenville, North Carolina. The first two devices available will be a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and a Samsung Galaxy S Aviator. There’s no pricing available yet and their LTE network will be launching in March.

  • Sprint says goodbye WiMAX and hello LTE

    The end of WiMAX, the first 4G technology in America launched by Sprint and Clearwire in 2008, looks to be two years away. At the “Sprint Network Vision Strategy Update” in New York, Sprint executives announced the aggressive rollout of a 4G LTE network to the end of 2013, the fastest 4G standard available in […]

  • Verizon Fall Roadmap….sneak peak anyone?

    How about an early Christmas present? We have a sneak peak of the fall lineup from Verizon, and it looks sweet!!! A couple surprises, some next gen and even a couple new players in the deck for us to pick from!

  • Wholesale 4g – From Sprint?!

    Another industry first comes out of Overland park Kansas; where Sprint has announced that it will offer wholesale 4G sales. What does this mean exactly? Well it just means that it will allow other ISP or cable companies to use their system to offer 4G services. they will be providing the HTC Detail 3G/4G handset […]

  • Clearwire Adding 120Mbps “LTE-Advanced” to it’s Holdings

    Well what a shocker we have here today! We all knew that Clearwire has been struggling to keep WiMax working properly; and we also knew that they were testing LTE technology at one point in Arizona. But what we did not expect to see was this! Clearwire says that this fall they are going to be releasing LTE-Advanced

  • Verizon To Expand Florida’s 4G Market

    Verizon Wireless announced today that their advanced 4G LTE wireless network will be available to customers in the major areas of Sarasota and Bradenton in 2011. Florida region president of Verizon Wireless Pam Tope stated, “Florida customers already have a lot of wireless power in their hands with 4G LTE, and this announced expansion in Sarasota-Bradenton will add to that.” “We’re proud to bring this superior technology to wireless customers in more areas across the state.”

  • LightSquared reworks Network to Avoid GPS Interference

    LightSquared has been plagued with issues as they build out their own LTE network. LightSquared will be a wholesale LTE provider (think Clearwire). In fact they just signed a $20 billion contact as reported here by Lives2Learn. Well in light of all that they have had a major GPS interference issue – one that would stop them cold in their tracks. Well they announced they have found a way to fix it.

  • UPDATE: VZW Internal Doc: Verizon Tiered Data: pricing and start date revealed

    Currently, Verizon Wireless smartphone users with family plans are required to pay $29.99 per line for cellular data. Non-family-plan smartphone customers can purchase unlimited mobile data (with a 5GB allowance) for the same monthly price. That is all about to change when the free hotspot promo ends. Tiered pricing is now set to begin the day after the promotion ends , which is July 7th, for new contract holders. Yes, existing contracts will remain grand-fathered in and not incur any changes until their contract is up for renewal.

  • Verizon to get 3 new devices from RIM, by years end

    A recent interview with Verizon Chief Marketing Officer Marni Walden provides some information on what the future holds for BlackBerry devices at Verizon Wireless. This interview confirms the upcoming arrival of three new RIM devices with the carrier later in the year.

  • T-Mobile adds 47 New HSPA+ Markets

    According to a report from T- Mobile, they will be expanding their 4G HSPA+ network to 47 new cities across the US. This brings the list of current markets to 102 after they added 50 more markets back in May. That’s a fairly impressive number and to deploy that many more at one time, seems like a lot. It appears like T-Mobile really wants to be the GSM contender that keeps up with Verizon’s latest efforts to supply the nation with global 4G coverage.

  • T-Mobile HTC Sensation 4G $50 off for New Customers

    Well, it appears that T-Mobile is making a nice attempt at welcoming new customers this Father’s Day week. Many of you already know that the HTC Sensation 4G has arrived at T-Mobile. Well it appears they wanna give it to you for $50 less for signing on with a new contract. On top of this, they are having a Father’s Day giveaway, where they announced on Facebook and Twitter that they would giveaway 10 of the HTC Sensation 4G handsets.

  • Verizon extends 4G LTE Hotspot Promotion until July 6th

    According to the latest announcement from Big Red, the free 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot promotion that owners of the HTC Thunderbolt, the Droid Charge, and the LG Revolution have been enjoying has just been extended yet again. Originally this promotion was extended until June 15th, which is today. Apparently they are now giving us until July 6th to continue enjoying this service for free.

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