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To Verizon from Microsoft WP7 with Love

So Verizon is happy to be getting Windows Phone 7 right? Well now we know what they will be getting. It is rumored to be

November 11, 2010 Carriers, Devices, General

Tethering for Windows Phone 7 Possible on Samsung Devices!!!

So all you Windows Mobile fans that just went to Windows Phone, are you missing that tethering you used to do? Well we have

November 34, 2010 Carriers, Devices, General

PPCGeeks SPECIAL: A look @ the Samsung Focus & HTC Surround, Pre-Release!

Hey Geeks! This one comes special, straight from the grinder actually! A contact of ours (Whom asked to remain anonymous in this scenario) happened to take

November 33, 2010 Carriers, Devices, Featured, General, Reviews

Windows Phone 7 Live Tiles not the same Everywhere!

So If you are like Courtney1985 (from here on out she will be referred to as Courtney) around here on PPCG you are consistently asking

November 28, 2010 Apps, General, How-To & Tips

WP7 Data and Voice Usage Summary vs. Apple iPhone!

So the luming question about Windows Phone 7 and the live tiles is: How much data do we need to plan for? Is this going

November 05, 2010 General

Microsoft Releases SP1 for WP7 in January!

So some of the biggest beefs of WP7 is no flash, no Copy and Paste, no real good navigation program. Well it appears that

November 59, 2010 Apps, General

UPDATE: Windows Phone 7 – Calling and texting + special treats!!

Following our article describing that custom ring-tones could not be put on a Windows Phone 7 device, Coolsmartphone did some testing to see if they

November 45, 2010 General

Rumor: Sprint taking pre-orders for HTC 7 Pro December 8th **UPDATE**

So with the HTC 7 Pro recently getting FCC approval, would you be surprised to hear that Sprint would be taking pre-orders on December the

November 43, 2010 Carriers, Devices

HTC had a great year: $3.3B in revenue, DOUBLED 2009 shipments!!!

Looks Like everyone is posting their Q3 reports this week. First it was Microsoft, now HTC is reporting gigantic numbers this morning, including 3.3 BILLION

October 17, 2010 Devices, General

Asus Windows Phone 7 & Asus Android Handsets Coming–Eventually

Asus is planning to jump in the mix with Windows Phone 7 and seems to be currently working on their own ideas. With the

October 19, 2010 Devices
Comments Off on LG releases their own set of WindowsPhone 7 Utilities

LG releases their own set of WindowsPhone 7 Utilities

Not to be the only company not to have a application hub, LG announces their LG more

October 31, 2010 Apps, General

Windows Phone 7 wins “What Mobile” Editors Choice Award

Windows Phone 7 has been awarded the “What Mobile” Editors Choice Award. What’s “What Mobile” you say? The What Mobile Awards are in their sixth

October 19, 2010 General

A Quick Interview with a Windows Phone 7 Developer

Thanks to member darren.wlsn1 here at PPCGeeks for digging up this brief interview taken with WP7 developer Vincenzo. Interestingly he has some great answers as

October 59, 2010 General

Several New Windows Phone 7 Reviews Surfacing

PPCGeeks has been informed of several new Windows Phone 7 reviews taking place over the internet. These reviews are in great detail as far as

October 18, 2010 General

Finally – Positive Input on WP7’s Success

Previously this week PPCGeeks wrote a couple of articles stating how some analysts weren't too sure that WP7 would be a success. Finally we found

October 27, 2010 General
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