Microsoft Releases SP1 for WP7 in January!

So some of the biggest beefs of WP7 is no flash, no Copy and Paste, no real good navigation program. Well it appears that Microsoft listened, and in the unveiling of Windows Phone 7, Steve Balmer did say we would get these features in the early 2011 time frame. Well now we have confirmation.

In a blog post from a director at MS:

Critics have commented on the lack of specific features like copy & paste and lack of 100s of thousands of applications. And while both are true, copy & paste will be available as an update in a matter of weeks (early 2011) and as for applications, it’s just a matter of time. Developing Windows Phone 7 apps is as easy as developing any .NET/Silverlight application.


So Developers if this rumor does hold true, and that it is not just copy and paste…but includes Bing navigation, task switching, and Flash/Silverlight plug-in enabling what does that do for the applications you are making? Critics now can stop gawking at the fact that there is not Copy and Paste functions and move on to other fish to fry.  The true question is does SP1 come pre-installed on WP7 CDMA versions or will it like wise be a separate push to install.  Time will tell… Let the count down begin!

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via WPCentral