[UPDATED] Microsoft’s Marketplace for Mobile Has Remote Death Switch For Apps

Updated September 18: Microsoft has offered some clarification on this issue: Quote: In the vast majority of instances where an application is removed from Windows

September 18, 2009 General

Palm to Abandon Windows Mobile….Will Stick With WebOS

Palm’s Jon Rubinstein just made it official during their financial results conference call: Palm is only going to develop WebOS devices from now on.  So

September 17, 2009 General

Waze begins Alpha Testing

  Waze the social mobile application providing free turn-by-turn navigation based on the live conditions of the road annouced it would be are releasing alpha

September 16, 2009 General

HTC Leo: Capacitive & Multi-touch Abilities

Looks like HTC’s Leo will be the first Windows Mobile smartphone to feature a capacitive touchscreen and multi-touch capabilities (see video below) ala our friends

September 16, 2009 General

Google Releases Android 1.6 (Mmmm…Donut)

The Goods The good people at Google have just released Android 1.6 (a.k.a. Donut). Donut appears to be fully compatible with Cupcake (Android 1.5). Android

September 16, 2009 General

UPDATED: Kinoma planning something big.. And that is Symbian OS Release!

UPDATE II: The big news that Kinoma was planning on sharing is that their Kinoma Play has been released on the Symbian OS. Today Kinoma

September 15, 2009 General

PPCGeeks Unlocks Palm’s Treo Pro!!

PPCGeeks members cfay and cmonex have been locked in the PPCGeek basement for the past couple of weeks working on something wonderful. Well today they

September 15, 2009 Devices

[Breaking] AT&T enabling MMS for iPhone 2 weeks early

From sea to shining sea, users across the U.S. are chiming in that MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) works for them. It looks like AT&T is

September 13, 2009 General

Qilin on Dopod

Your crack PPCGeeks News Staff has recently uncovered the following information regarding a new device named Qilin. This will be released in China on Dopod

September 11, 2009 General

Breaking News – Unlimited Calls

A ‘Geeker has given BigDiesel07 confirmation that Sprint is launching a new service tomorrow. This service, avaiable for anybody who has the Unlimited Data Plan,

September 09, 2009 Carriers

The $100 Dollar Offer.

Just hours after posting a great offer on their website, Sprint has pulled it. The offer? Switch to Sprint and receive $100 of service free

September 08, 2009 Carriers

The Evolution of Linux Based Mobile Devices

It appears that more developers are developing Linux based operating systems for mobile devices. In the past year we have seen the launch of Google’s

September 04, 2009 General

The New Toshiba TG01

As most of know, Windows Mobile has been reborn in 6.5 as Windows Phone. Today, Toshiba went a little further by announcing the new TG01

September 03, 2009 Devices, Reviews

The Chinless Hero

Update 9/3/09 6:00pm CST: Sprint chinless Hero Video Here Update 9/3/09 10:00am CST: Sprint has published a Press Release Here Update 9/3/09 8:30am CST:  Sprint

September 02, 2009 Carriers, Devices, Reviews

HTC Touch2 Full Touch Experience and First with Windows Mobile 6.5

HTC announced today the release of the HTC Touch 2 available in the US on October 8. The is new device is compact and will

September 02, 2009 General
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