HTC’s Dragon…new stats

Your good friends here at PPCGeeks have once again been digging through the dumpsters of HTC and have some interesting news to report regarding HTC’s

October 12, 2009 Devices

Microsoft and T-Mobile learn backing up data makes sense

Think for a moment if your phone suddenly died and there was no way to access the information on-board. Would all your contact info be

October 12, 2009 General

Sprint’s first Android phone, HTC Hero, now on sale

The HTC Hero offers up a stylish looking handset that sports a multitude of nice software, including apps for Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail and

October 11, 2009 Carriers, Devices

Review of the Motorola MOTOROKR T505 Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone w/ Digital FM Transmitter

Motorola MotoRokr T505 Review October 9, 2009 by tsowen, PPCGeeks Motorola’s T505 is easy to use while your eyes are on the road. All too

October 09, 2009 Carriers, Devices, General, Reviews

[Breaking News] WM 7 RTM and Office Mobile 7

Is Windows Mobile 7 right around the corner? It would seem so after Stephen Chapman, owner of Microsoft Kitchen, came across some documents that indicate

October 09, 2009 General

[Update] T-Mobile Teams up with Fender to bring a limited edition myTouch 3G

  T-Mobile has teamed up with Fender to bring you a Limited Edition myTouch 3G. The device will feature a guitar-inspired wood-grain finish (fake wood) and

October 09, 2009 Devices

Customer Service Showdown: Who Wins?

The good people at Laptop Magazine recently undertook the daunting task of testing and rating the customer service of the Big Four carriers in the

October 08, 2009 Carriers, General

MS Market Place Cracked Already

And then there was Marketplace……… XDA member Chainfire has already figured out how to take the chains off of the MS Market Place. According to

October 08, 2009 Apps, General

Sprint Announces Samsung’s First Android-Powered Phone – Samsung Moment

Sprint has announced Samsung’s first Android-powered phone, the Samsung Moment (aka InstinctQ) slider. According to Sprint’s press release, it will be available on November 1st

October 07, 2009 Devices

Android, not iPhone, is Bigger Symbian Challenger

In the on-going battle for global dominance in the cell phone world, it seems that Google’s Android will be emerging as a big challenger over

October 07, 2009 General

HTC HD2 Inbound to US Carriers Q1 2010.

According to Slashgear looks like the HTC HD2 AKA the Leo will grace the US after all.  The HD2 will be sporting Windows Mobile 6.5

October 06, 2009 Devices

Official Update to Windows Mobile 6.5

For some time now we have all known about WM 6.5 and the burning question in the back of everyones mind is what devices will

October 06, 2009 General

New MobiHand AppStore from PPCGeeks

PPCGeeks is proud to announce the new MobiHand AppStore!  You can now browse, buy, and download apps right from your phone! Some of the benefits

October 01, 2009 General

Visit the PPCGeeks Store!

You can now buy software and accessories for your PPC devices right here at PPCGeeks (powered by MobiHand)! We will offer special promotion codes, which

September 23, 2009 General

Google’s Google Sync NOW supports push email!

After months of waiting, Google now supports email synchronization via its push service, Google Sync. Using Windows Mobile’s Microsoft Exchange service, your favorite windows mobile device

September 22, 2009 Apps, General
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