HTC’s Dragon…new stats

Your good friends here at PPCGeeks have once again been digging through the dumpsters of HTC and have some interesting news to report regarding HTC’s Dragon.

It’s been recently reported that the Dragon will be running Google’s Android and will be running it at 1 GHZ.  While this information is correct, our recent “trash recycling efforts” have determined that the Dragon will be running on the OMAP 3640 chipset (not the reported Qualcomm 1 GHZ) running ARMv7 Cortex A8.

Additionally, the dragon will be released in China only as a CDMA device.  HTC is testing with OMAP chipsets and releasing these devices in China only (see our previous article about HTC’s Qilin).

Buckle up your seat belts and make sure you have all loose papers and personal items secured when you fire this bad boy up…because with 1 GHZ, Android, and OMAP it’s going to be ridiculously fast….compare it to putting instant coffee in the microwave.  You’re nearly attaining light speed and the ability to go back in time.

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