Google’s Google Sync NOW supports push email!

After months of waiting, Google now supports email synchronization via its push service, Google Sync.

Google Sync Push Mail is here!
Google Sync Push Mail is here!

Using Windows Mobile’s Microsoft Exchange service, your favorite windows mobile device can now synchronize its content with Google Contacts, Calender, and even Mail now via Push Mail!

For some time now, Google has been offering its Synchronization service (in the form of a Exchange Server in Windows Mobile’s Case) to mobile users for some time in the common Google BETA phase. Over time, these features have accumulated to include Calendar appointments synchronization, Contacts Synchronization, and email all through Gmail. One can now go completely cloud with these new opportunities and options!

As said above, this service takes the form of your exchange service. This means (If you already have) push email setup, you cannot set this up! This also requires activesync software.

Note: In order to sync, you must have Google Contacts, Google Calendar, and Google Mail all setup under your account name. If you do not want to use any of the above services mentioned, or do not have them set up, do not try to sync them or you will get an error!

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