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  • iPhone Tip: GMail via Exchange – How To Delete Instead Of Archive

    I’ve had the iPhone for a few months now, after using Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Phone 7, and Android. Android obviously had excellent integration with Google’s services such as GMail and Google Talk. The transition to the iPhone took a little time, but I’ve gotten a lot of things to work pretty good. One thing I noticed the other day was when I would supposedly delete my emails from my phone, they weren’t going into Trash in GMail, instead, they were going into All Mail. Read more…

  • Has Droid been lost in the Exchange?

    Do you use Microsoft Exchange for work related E-mails? If so, you will be slapped with an additional $15 charge per month by Verizon. Maximum PC is reporting that using integrated Microsoft Exchange will add $15 dollars to your data plan if you also use a Verizon Droid, the highly hyped “iPhone-killer”. The reasoning behind […]

  • Google’s Google Sync NOW supports push email!

    After months of waiting, Google now supports email synchronization via its push service,¬†Google Sync. Using Windows Mobile’s Microsoft Exchange service, your favorite windows mobile device can now synchronize its content with Google Contacts, Calender, and even Mail now via Push Mail! For some time now, Google has been offering its Synchronization service (in the form […]