UPDATED: Kinoma planning something big.. And that is Symbian OS Release!

UPDATE II: The big news that Kinoma was planning on sharing is that their Kinoma Play has been released on the Symbian OS.

Today Kinoma announced that its flagship product, Kinoma Play, is now available for Nokia S60, the world’s dominant smartphone platform. Nokia S60 users can now enjoy the best way to find, play, and share media in a beautiful, fast, easy-to-use application.

For the full press release and more information, please visit here

UPDATE: A member of the site and a worker for Kinoma dropped us an update in the comments. The big announcement will be postponed until later this month.


Sorry to disappoint, but we’re going to be doing the launch a bit later this month.

It turns out everybody and their mother (not to mention the behemoth that is The Beatles) thought it would be fun to launch products on 9/9/09, and we want to make sure it gets the attention it deserves.


– Charles

Some of you may have heard of Kinoma, whose Kinoma Play media player software is well known in the Windows Mobile world. A while back I opted into receiving e-mails from them called ‘Kinoma Notes’. The e-mail I received yesterday is interesting because in part, it reads:

Not an Apple fanboy/fangirl? Could care less about yet-another-iPod? Kinoma is launching a new mobile product on 9/9/09 @ 9:09am PST.

Now what could Kinoma be unveiling tomorrow? I have three possible ideas as to what it could be. Keep in mind that they already have their Mobile Media Software launched for both Windows Mobile and Palm OS.

1. They are releasing a version of their Kinoma Play for Web OS.
2. They are releasing a version for Android.
3. They are releasing a revolutionary new product that the world will be in awe from.

All I know is that it happens tomorrow at 9:09 am PST.. Stay tuned to PPC Geeks for the latest and greatest breaking news!

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