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Comments Off on Android 6.0 to be called “Key Lime Pie”!?

Android 6.0 to be called “Key Lime Pie”!?

  With every new release of Android, rumors start flying about the name of the next Android release.  Since the first couple of public Android

March 27, 2012 General

New Phone Roundup Part 1!

Mobile World Congress 2012 introduced a host of new phones to come out this year.  In this first phone roundup installment, check out the phones

March 36, 2012 General

New ROM Alert! Reaper24’s Evo 3D ROM.

If you own an Evo 3D and want to flash something that will speed it up but also custom theme it as well as some

March 08, 2012 Developers, General

Change Siri’s accent on iOS (over 40 to choose from)

  One of the main reasons people flocked to get a 4S was the introduction of Siri, a personal assistant and amazing voice recognition agent

March 57, 2012 Apps, General, How-To & Tips

March GOTM Contest!

  For our first contest of this year, we would like to do a photo contest. Please post a picture of yourself along with a

February 13, 2012 Featured, General, Giveaway

EA fixes Dead Space Orientation Issue on Android Tablets

  If you are like me you have been frantically searching for a fix to the dreaded orientation issue with the game Dead Space on

February 21, 2012 General
Comments Off on U.S. Copyright Office Releases Comments ‘For’ and ‘Against” Jailbreaking

U.S. Copyright Office Releases Comments ‘For’ and ‘Against” Jailbreaking

  The US Copyright office received many comments regarding the “exemption from the prohibition on circumvention of technological measure that control access.” They released these

February 11, 2012 General

[ROM] OMJ’s HTC EVO 3D Custom ROMs

We here at PPCGeeks wanted new users to this site, who own a HTC EVO 3D, to be sure and check out OMJ’s Custom ROM’s!

February 49, 2012 Developers, Featured, General

Make your (jailbroken) iPhone look and feel like WP7’s Metro UI!

One of the main reason people jailbreak their iPhones is to customize the theme that some people deem boring.  With an iPhone, no matter which

February 12, 2012 General, How-To & Tips
Comments Off on ITC Finalizing HTC vs Apple Decision

ITC Finalizing HTC vs Apple Decision

With all of the lawsuits flying back and forth between all of the mobile manufacturers in recent years it becomes hard to keep up with

February 16, 2012 General

S2W creates Go Launcher themes

Go Launcher is one of the best custom launchers available and free in the Android market today.  Amazing features and community which provides many themes

February 30, 2012 General

PPCGeeks Member of the Month/Year 2012

  PPCGeeks is a leader of mobile device content, knowledge and support for CDMA Devices. We love to discuss smartphones and tablets and our forums

February 38, 2012 Featured, General, Giveaway

Windows Mobile 6.1 on Windows Phone 7: Team DFT Project Preview

A new and exciting video was released today by Team DFT. According to the video description, Windows Mobile 6.1 is shown running on a HTC

February 02, 2012 General

Phone Stacking: The Social Game

Are you tired of talking to the backside of your dinner companion’s phone? Then the game of ‘Phone Stacking’ is for you. The goal of

February 38, 2012 General
Comments Off on Lessons on Love: Text vs. Card

Lessons on Love: Text vs. Card

A text message is no substitute for a greeting card or hand-written note when it comes to your loved one, experts say. It might be

February 51, 2012 General
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