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  • [rumor] Is this the Galaxy Nexus Tab?

        Pocketnow has an image it says might be the rumored new Nexus line of tablet. Take a look and see if you think it’s a sure fake or if it’s the real thing.  The debate rages as to whether it’s Samsung or Asus, 7.7″ or 10″. When Google does actually drop the Nexus […]

  • Latest Nielsen Results: Over 90% of Smartphones Purchased in Last Three Months iOS or Android

      The latest Nielsen survey released shows some pretty amazing trends in the cell phone industry. First to note is that smartphones now account for 50% of all phone purchases in the U.S., marking a 38% increase over last year at this time. According to Nielsen, this growth is attributed to increasing smartphone adoption, with […]

  • Sprint Drops LightSquared as LTE provider.

    LightSquared Inc and Sprint have finally parted ways.  Sprint was contracted with LightSquared to provide them with LTE, but the FCC stated earlier this year it would block it due to complications with GPS signals with the LTE network.  LightSquared is planning to submit a 150 page defense of the network.  Looks like Sprint may […]

  • Want $20 gift certificate for your carrier?

    Check out our easy awesome contest!   For our first contest of this year, we would like to do a photo contest. Please post a picture of yourself along with a PPCGeeks logo in an interesting location around the country, where you live, work and play. The attached image is your official PPCG logo. Print […]

  • Samsung Rolling out ICS for Galaxy Sll

    Samsung if finally pushing ICS to the Galaxy Sll in select countries today, then across the U.K. starting in about a week.  As far as the U.S. variants go, it will be coming along “soon.”  ICS came out about five months ago and people who own Samsung and HTC devices have been patiently waiting for […]

  • iOS5.1 Jailbreak in the Works

    Pod2G, the French security researcher who was the mastermind behind finding the bug that got us a jailbreak for the iPhone 4 and 4S on 5.0.1, is back in action and actively looking for some iOS5.1 vulnerabilities.  In a tweet responding to someone asking about a new iPad jailbreak, Pod2G did indeed confirm that he […]

  • [Free App] New Siine Keyboard for Android – Great Features!

      If you’ve been looking for a new keyboard, Siine may be right for you. This thing has a built in calendar that lets you easily select dates to add into any text field, as well as a clock! It also contains lots of words and everyday phrases you might use as well as the […]

  • HTC One X gets Root before Release

      Looks like Modaco has already released a superbooth package for the HTC One X which roots the phone before it is even released!  All you’d have to do (assuming you had the phone) is plug it in, put it in bootloader mode, and run the script.  All we are going to need is an […]

  • My Phone is Wet and Can’t Get Up

      Even if your wet cellphone seems dead, there’s a good chance it can be saved. Just make sure you act fast! The longer the water sits inside the greater the likelihood it will destroy the phone for good. List of things you are going to need: 1. 3 pounds of dry rice 2. Your […]

  • The New iPad!

      Well, what we basically thought the new iPad was going to be is basically what it is.  Apple is calling it “the new iPad” so we’ll see if that name sticks or if you will actually have to say that when asking for it at the store.  Let’s talk specs: *4G/LTE capable on Verizon […]

  • Enable Siri to give you awesome facts! [jailbreak tweak]

      The main reason to get an iPhone 4S, besides the dual-core A5 and great camera, is Siri.  Siri offers system-wide voice commands like no phone ever has, and she elicits a generally positive response.  The Jailbreak community has improved upon the iOS personal assistant in a few ways, and now they have improved her […]

  • China to finally get its first WP7 Device!

      Here in the states we’ve been enjoying Windows Phone 7 for about a year and a half now.  When doing phone comparisons it is very common to refer to the “Big 3” mobile operating systems as the only ones who really matter, discounting BlackBerry OS, Symbian, and other seemingly anachronistic and obsolete systems.  The […]

  • [ROM] Get a Clean ICS ROM for Your Rezound now!

        PPCGeeks member scrosler has put up an ICS ROM based in the HTC Rezound development forum based on the leaked 3.10.605.13 RUU.  This ROM looks to be clean, fast, and is powered by Android 4.03 with Sense 3.5.  He keeps the HTC and Google apps up to date, and of course removed the […]

  • iPhone/iPad > Android in HTML5!

    HTML5, a collection of different web technologies, is what many believe to be the future of cross-platform mobile gaming and apps.  With every new release of mobile operating systems, HTML5 rendering has become more and more efficient and capable. When comparing iOS to Android in terms of how well HTML5 web rendering can be done, […]

  • Samsung to release a pink Galaxy Note!

    If you wanted this awesome 5.3″ beast of a phone with its handy S Pen, but had reservations about the fact that you could only get it in blue or white (and if you live in Germany for now), fear not, for you will soon be able to acquire this device in pink!  Take a […]