A text message is no substitute for a greeting card or hand-written note when it comes to your loved one, experts say. It might be nice to send a loving email, but an abbreviated, “BTW, I luv u. C U ltr,” from your cell phone  just doesn’t cut it if you’re trying to do right by your lady. An abbreviated love message via text is fine any other day of the year, but Valentine’s Day is a day to show a little extra effort. So put down your cell phone and drag yourself to the greeting card aisle of your local grocery store.

Showing your girl you care does not have to cost money. Jotting down a few loving thoughts on a piece of paper, old-school style, is also just as nice.

Now guys, does the same rules apply with you? Or would you be just as happy with a “i lv u” on your cell screen from your girl?