PPCGeeks Member of the Month/Year 2012


PPCGeeks is a leader of mobile device content, knowledge and support for CDMA Devices. We love to discuss smartphones and tablets and our forums provide our members with the needed resources to make their devices even better. With over 400,000 members, PPCGeeks is looking to our users to reinvigorate the site going forward in 2012 and beyond!

With that said, PPCGeeks is proud to announce several contests for our members this year starting in March of 2012. We appreciate your interest in our site and your continued participation and support. Let’s get to the details!

Contest Details:

PPCGeeks will award a member “Geek of the Month” (GOTM) based on contests announced each month. Monthly winners will receive the following:

  • Yellow username color change for the month as designation of GOTM
  • Gift certificate to the carrier of their choice in the amount of $20.00 and
  • Entrance into the running for the Yearly Award.
The Geek of the Year (GOTY) award will be given to the member that exemplifies what the site is all about (participation, knowledge, creativity, assistance and of course fun). Monthly winners will be entered into the Yearly Award running and voted on by the staff. Winner of this prestigious award will receive the following:
  • Username color change for one year displaying their distinction.
  • Gift certificate for $250.00 to the carrier of their choice to buy/upgrade a device or whatever they so choose.
  1. Monthly/Yearly contests and winners will be announced in a thread found here: http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/site-news-announcements/ as well as the front page news. Please post your entries in this thread
  2. PPCGeeks will ask GOTM/GOTY winners to provide information to receive their prizes as well as to create a front page news story to announce their glorious achievement
  3. PPCGeeks staff determines the winners monthly and yearly.
  4.  Monthly winners will be announced on the first day of each month and yearly winners will be announced the last week of the year.
  5.  Winners will be selected based off specific contests announced monthly at the discretion of the staff.
  6.  Winners can win monthly awards no more than 2 times.
  7.  Yearly winners can win multiple years.
Good luck and thanks again for all that you do for us here at PPCGeeks.  Look for the March contest details soon!
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