Category: Giveaway

  • March GOTM Contest!

      For our first contest of this year, we would like to do a photo contest. Please post a picture of yourself along with a PPCGeeks logo in an interesting location around the country, where you live, work and play. The attached image is your official PPCG logo. Print it out, write your username on […]

  • PPCGeeks Member of the Month/Year 2012

      PPCGeeks is a leader of mobile device content, knowledge and support for CDMA Devices. We love to discuss smartphones and tablets and our forums provide our members with the needed resources to make their devices even better. With over 400,000 members, PPCGeeks is looking to our users to reinvigorate the site going forward in […]

  • The PPCGeeks Independence Giveaway!

    Happy Canada Day Geeks! Okay okay. So a lot of people are going to be celebrating freedom this week – ┬áNorth Americans especially. We teamed up with SEIDIO again to offer you guys a little more than a “Happy Fourth of July!” and “Happy Canada Day!” this time around. You may remember they helped us […]

  • Congratulations to our SEIDIO CONVERT Winners!

    Congratulations to O.A.T, GREGJUICE, BPC420, mdphoenix, and xveggiex! You guys have each earned your very own Seidio CONVERT Case! Pick from one of many compatible devices as you are now ready to experience any environment – corporate to construction, rugged to recreation – the SEIDIO CONVERT has you covered! Click HERE for a list of […]