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  • WebOS is taking donations for their 2012 Web-a-thon

      Are you one of the consumers still hanging on to that Palm Pre or WebOS device? If so, you may feel like helping the Internals out. They are currently taking donations throughout the next two days. These donations, during what they are calling “The 2012 Web-a-thon,” will be used to support their WebOS Internals […]

  • [Discussion] Does Sprint need WebOS?

    So PPCGeeks, today we hear that Sprint is not going to get the Pre3 by HP. As many of you know they offer the Palm Pixi, which I would like to add is for free (but what shouldn’t be for a legacy device? This does seem to be a death blow for the Pre series on the 3rd largest carrier in the US. T-Mobile does not offer WebOS at all.

  • HP CEO Open to Licensing webOS to Other Companies.

    So we are here to spotlight the lower famed OS of the day…webOS. It seems to me that HP is doing a good job in trying to revise the OS for daily use. I mean they have already announced several new devices using webOS, and have taken it to the next level of installing it in their printers, and other devices. Rumor has it that by 2012 each HP computer you buy will dual boot webOS and Windows OS… With all that is great but now we hear a new thing that struck my fancy.

  • HP has a secret, exciting announcement for the February webOS event!

    Not only does Sprint have a special announcement coming in February, now HP has something up their sleeve as well. February 9, 2011 at their WebOS event in San Francisco many of us suspect they are going to announce several products, including tablets.

  • Palm to Release 5-6 New Devices in 2011!

    With the mildly-tweaked Palm Pre 2 leaving a less than pleasant taste in our collective mouths, the news that there are 5-6 new devices in the pipeline for 2011 is like a blast of cool, refreshing seltzer to the face….read more

  • Palm to Abandon Windows Mobile….Will Stick With WebOS

    Palm’s Jon Rubinstein just made it official during their financial results conference call: Palm is only going to develop WebOS devices from now on.  So long Windows Mobile Devices: “Due to importance of WebOS to our overall strategy, we’ve made the decision to dedicate all future development resources to the evolution of WebOS. Which means […]

  • The Evolution of Linux Based Mobile Devices

    It appears that more developers are developing Linux based operating systems for mobile devices. In the past year we have seen the launch of Google’s Android and Palm’s WebOS mobile operating systems. Both of these are Linux based. Applications are quickly being developed for each of the new platforms. It appears now that Nokia is focusing […]