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Comments Off on Samsung Infuse 4G Receives Android 2.3.6

Samsung Infuse 4G Receives Android 2.3.6

 Many Infuse owners have been waiting for this day for a long time. The Samsung Infuse 4G was released in May 2011 and was promised

February 33, 2012 Devices, General

How to upgrade Samsung Epic 4G to Gingerbread (EI22)

On November 10, 2011 Sprint announced the Samsung Epic 4g would be updated to Gingerbread S:D700.0.5S.EI22 over the course of the next ten days.  Sprint’s

November 36, 2011 Editorial, Featured, How-To & Tips

Mango Update

Big changes are coming for Windows Phone 7 users. Microsoft has leaked some of the things that Windows Phone 7 users can expect with

June 28, 2011 Apps, Devices

Thunderbolt update coming June 30th: Gingerbread in tow

Verizon HTC Thunderbolt owners have been frustrated about random reboots, battery life, and GPS lock times, along with other issues, since release. The first update

June 05, 2011 Carriers, Devices, General
Comments Off on Google Voice Update: improves battery life

Google Voice Update: improves battery life

For those of you who have an Android device and use Google Voice, you might be happy to hear it received a small update today.

June 24, 2011 Apps, General

Samsung Epic, Galaxy Tab and Transform are all getting updates soon

According to the image leaked, the Samsung Epic, Galaxy Tablet and the Transform will all be getting over the air updates starting March 21, 2011.

March 53, 2011 General

NoDo update starting to show up on retail WP7 phones?

While we don't have an visual confirmation of this, lets just say it makes sense. We're getting a report that the Dell Venue Pro is

February 54, 2011 Apps, Devices

Froyo Coming to the LG Ally – SOON

Are you an owner of the LG Ally or know several friends with one? I sure do and know they will love it when they

January 23, 2011 General

New Windows Phone 7 update details spotted!

You may already know the Web-famous Windows watcher Paul Thurrott and if not well now you've heard of him. He has just come forward with

January 46, 2011 Devices, General

New YouTube App For Windows Phone & S60

Last march YouTube delivered their own native player for our Windows Phone® devices. Although many users prefer to use the built-in application provided directly from

March 31, 2010 Apps

Sprint releases maintenance update for Samsung Moment

Back on Friday Sprint released a maintenance update for customers using the Samsung Moment. The update is not the Android 2.1 update that everyone is waiting

January 29, 2010 Carriers, Devices, General

Windows Live for Windows Mobile updated

Windows Live for Windows® phone has been updated to version 10.7.0061.0500.2000 from the previous version of 10.7.0060.2300.3000. Not a major update by any means, but

January 40, 2010 Apps, General

Verizon’s DROID Getting 2.0.1 Update

Originally, Verizon had said this update would be pushed out to customers in “the coming weeks”.  There have been reports now that some customers have

December 28, 2009 Carriers, Devices
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